I only wanted to borrow sugar so, when he grabbed me and through me on his floor I was beyond shocked. The rope around my wrists were so tight that I felt my pulse. Was this really happening? Yes. I wasn’t expecting this at all. Not the rape. He whispered in my ear, “I know you want this.” Ripping my tank top off of my body he licked my face and tore my panties off. I was silenced by lust and fear.

His hard cock punishing my wet pussy could be heard through out his apartment. The wet sound of pussy juicy slapping his balls and leaking to the floor was amplified. He muffled the sound of my moans with his bare hands. He was pounding me. Harder and harder with each pump. I was at his complete mercy.

I just kept staring at the picture of him and his girlfriend that was perched on top of the end table next to his couch. What would she think if she knew that the love her life was fucking my brains out right now? My pussy stretched and gaped. He moaned and fucked me like I was a fucking street whore. Not the woman he had spoken to so often at the mail boxes or the one who let him borrow her vacuum cleaner a few times. No. I was a whore to him.

Only whores get fucked in their shit holes and their pussy’s. Only whore’s are forced to take a throbbing pussy-juice-laced cock down their throats until their jaws almost lock. Only whore’s get their legs pinned by their ears while getting plowed and dug out by a horny hard cock. Since all of this was happening to me, I guess I was his whore for the night.

His load erupted in my asshole. My body jerked and heaved as it filled with his semen. My pussy had been raped and owned. I was drenched in sweat and panting from being fucked mercilessly for the last 20 minutes or so. Yes, for 20 minutes I was the man next door’s whore. Concubine, slut, tramp, prostitute…

Something about the entire thing turned me on. Maybe it was the feeling of his breath up against my soft skin. The way he bit my nipples as he told me to take his cock deeper and deeper or just knowing that he had a girlfriend, but for some reason he craved my pussy so much. What do you think it was? What would make a man turn into a beast and ravage a pussy the way he ravaged mine?

He threw a hundred bucks at me and said, “Now you can buy your own sugar.”

I was back for more the next night.

Can I be your whore too?



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