He Wants a Slice of Fresh Cream Pie 

My new neighbor has been dying to fuck me. He made it very clear shortly after he moved in by practically begging to fuck me. But, when I realized his dick did not live up to my standards, I refused to waste my time with him. He told me he was desperate to have me in any way possible. It didn’t have to be penetration at all, he negotiated, he would just pleasure me. He said he just wanted to know what it was like to make me cum. So, because I am such a sinful little slut, I told him he could clean up my pussy when I come home after being fucked by a real man. He agreed, of course, without any hesitation to eat my fresh cream pie. 

This Should Be Fun

Now, I’m on my way home after getting fucked by two black studs. I’m curious if my neighbor will come through for me. I text him: Just got fucked. Two huge loads inside me. Ready for some fresh cream pie?

Within one minute he texted back: I’ll be waiting for you. When my Lyft dropped me off in front of my house, he was on my porch like an obedient puppy dog. This should be fun!

My pussy dripped with cum as I approached the house, he was in for a treat. We entered the house and I led him directly to my bedroom. I took off my dress to reveal my glistening pussy lips. I laid on the bed completely naked except for my black heels, ready to be serviced. He dropped to his knees, anxious for a taste of my fresh cream pie. 

First Taste

First, he licked my black heels and slowly worked his way up to my thighs. He was hungry to finally get his first taste of me, even if that meant he’d be cleaning out two huge loads. I watched as he took in the sight of my pussy for the first time. He looked like a hungry kitten begging for cream and I was more than happy to treat him. I spread my legs apart and let him gently lap up the salty cream that dripped to my inner thighs. Then he kissed my slick pussy lips and licked them clean. I opened my legs wider revealing the full extent of my fresh cream pie.  

I grabbed his hair and pushed his face to my dripping cunt. He buried his face and tongue deep in my pussy and licked up every drop of cum. He knew the only way he could make me cum was with his tongue and he worked it around all the petals of my flower, savoring the experience. I grinded on his face until I was on the edge of climax. Then, he sucked my clit until I convulsed in pleasure, cumming for him like he wanted. Then he cleaned up my new mess before I dismissed him. Until next time, I told him, sending him away with a small bulge in his pants. 

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