The handsome college boy next door caught my eye. He’s home on summer break now and I haven’t seen him in a while, he’s a lot better looking than the last time I got a good look at him. His parents were out for the day and he was out in the yard sunning himself and I just had to have me a piece of that. I decided to go over and tease him a bit and see what I could get. I walked over in my short shorts and tube top and told him I had been trying without luck to move a piece of furniture. It would only take a min, would you come help me?

He leapt up in a heartbeat and followed me back. I showed him where I wanted the book case moved to, he did it and then was about to leave. I said no, why don’t you tell me about college and what you’ve been studying? He sat on the edge of the bed and I sat beside him and slowly my hand made its way to his thigh and he suddenly got the idea and reached for my breast as he was kissing me and he was quite a good kisser, I must say!

I started to undress him and soon he was naked with a raging hard on, on my bed on his back. I took my clothes off and started to straddle him and his young cock felt so fucking good in my pussy, it was quite thick and stretched me open wide as it went inside me, bare. Oh fuck I loved riding him! I must have seemed quite the forward girl to get him over here with such a flimsy excuse and then practically jump on him, but he was hot, and so was my pussy as I creamed all over his young cock. I licked the juices off afterwards, too much to his delight. He said he was going to be around for the entire summer, so I think I’ve got some good fucking ahead.


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