The Audio Sex Stories Of Your Little Neighbor!

My name is Carter, I am young, sweet and I live next door to you. I just moved in but the few times that I have seen you out, I know you are looking at me. There’s this really funny look you give me, like if you are hypnotized and you’d do anything and everything I say. Would you? Would you do anything I say? My mom says that with a young body like mine I can control any man, but I don’t know if I believe her. Sometimes I try it with the boys at school and they end up chasing me around. I guess they all like how I look in my uniform. Or maybe they just love my audio sex stories.

Want to know a little secret? Sometimes they touch me in private places and they make me so slick down there. I don’t even know why! But when they run their fingers across my bare skin it makes me shiver. Want to know another secret? This one, I have never ever told anyone. One time I saw my daddy and mommy in their bedroom. They were doing some very naughty things and I watched it all.

When the boys at school touch me, it makes me feel the same way I felt when I spied on mommy and daddy.

Maybe I should come to your place and you can tell me why that happens to me. Why do I get so sticky and wet? Sometimes I use my fingers but I feel like I need more. Maybe I just need someone like daddy. I have an idea that I think you might like, my only question is, do you think you can fit in my tight little hole? I promise I’ll be a good girl and won’t tell anyone as long as you treat me like your perfect little princess.

Can you show me? I’ll even call you Daddy!

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