I want you, but my need for you is far greater.

I’m losing my mind.  Our lips touch only once, yet standing here looking at you, my need for you is only comparable to my need for oxygen.  As you unzip my coat, I close my eyes to reason with myself.  By Sunday morning, our desire will be satiated and we’ll both be ready to return to our separate lives.

My jacket off, I reopen my eyes and, looking into yours I unbutton your shirt.  As I run my fingers down your chest, you bury your face in my neck and inhale deeply.  I moan softly and tell you I need to feel your naked body against mine.

I step back and remove my boots, sweater, and jeans.  Standing before you in my thong panties and bra, you remove nothing; instead, you take my forearm in your hand, lead me to the bed, and tell me to sit.  As you reach into your bag, I remember telling you I preferred to submit to my lover.  When I see you remove four long straps, my wet panties become soaked.

Gently, you push me onto my back and kneel between my legs.  One at a time, you strap my ankles and wrists to the headboard and footboard of the bed.  After standing and removing all your clothes, you reach back into your bag.

You tell me not to move and make sure I’m aware you’re holding scissors.  You cautiously cut off my bra and drenched panties, and after putting all three items back in your bag, you cover your body with mine.

Looking into my eyes, nothing is said; however, we speak volumes to each other.  You quickly remove the restraints.  Right now our only need is to be each other’s oxygen.

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