Have you been craving some naughty necrophilia fun?

Now I know that you try your best to come across as normal and totally vanilla. That’s not really who you are at all though is it? Deep down inside of you, you’re craving something dark and sinister. You’re craving some hot, no limits, extreme necrophilia fun! Don’t worry I’m just the girl to give it to you. I don’t judge and I love it just as kinky and extreme as you do. Your secret is safe with me. So, lay back and get ready to cum harder than you ever have before.

The caretaker of the local morgue happens to have a massive crush on me. All I have to do is give him a blowjob every now and then and he slips me the keys whenever I want them. So tell me what are you craving tonight, someone younger, someone older, a blonde or a brunette perhaps? I’m pretty sure that we can find someone to satisfy your necrophilia cravings tonight.

Not to worry, I’ll join in on the fun too if you want. I’ll urge you on and even open up that corpse’s lips for you. Have you ever gotten a blowjob from a stiff? You know what they say, there’s a first time for everything, and what better time than the present? Mmm, it’s getting me so hot watching how hard your dick is getting. My tight bald pussy is starting to drip. I hope you don’t mind if I finger my pussy while I watch you.

Don’t stop at just feeling that dead girl’s mouth though. Why settle for only that when you can have so much more? There are still two more dead, lifeless holes for you to plunder and violate. Don’t worry it’ll be our little secret and dead girls can’t tell so your secret is safe. Slide that rock-hard dick deep inside that tight, cold little cunt and that tight dead little asshole. Pound her like a little ragdoll until you explode deep inside of her and pump her full of your sticky hot cream. You can even blast it onto her face if you want. Anything goes when we’re having extreme necrophilia fun together.

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