My necromancy fetish started when I was reading these campy novels about a female private dick who is a born necromancer for a private firm on the side.  In her day-life, she’s a Federal Agent.   Moreover, she’s got lovers who are otherworldly.  I already said “campy”. LOL.

Immediately, I set about my schooling on all things supernatural.  Afterall, a good necromancer should start with a quality education. I needed a solid understanding of anatomy, chemistry, and electrical engineering. Education in dead languages is a must but I learned mine through some independent self-study.  Spellcasting, chanting, potion making, and creature design all take an inspired mind.  Then comes rental space, because I don’t want to fuck up my own shit!

I started small with a simple “Word of Palsy” incantation because my target needed to be alive for this one.  I paralyzed him from a distance and beckoned him to me.  He was frozen from the waist down, so getting to me was a little difficult, but he managed.

Tonight, he’s to WATCH me while my long-dead lover, Kenny cum all over and in me with wild abandon!  He swore he’d love me forever and we were about to test that theory!  Finn was on some SERIOUS punishment after I found out how he started to rise at the office and SO FAST!  I mean, don’t get me wrong; he’s a serious hottie, but he just doesn’t know when to say, “NO!” to his greedy boss-lady.  And for that, there would be PAYMENT!

So, NOW…MY secret FETISH will rise!

In case you didn’t guess, I willed Finn to the cemetery!  The place of endings will be his sexual beginning.  I pour my elements upon the ground where he lay and began my incantation of life.  Finn stood by my side and I could taste his fear. It was divine.

I called to the spirit of my former lover, Kenny, and the ground began to rumble; granted, half the cemetery shakes when I’m around.  So many lovers, and there was so little time!  I barely got my jeans off when the first ground-breaking happened and Kenny’s hand rose from the grave.  Finn was scared but also turned on CUMpletely.  We’d talked about it once and he seemed turned OFF by the thought of me being banged by another man. Hmmmm.

Kenny rose and immediately cupped my tits and began feasting on them.  his dead dick was at full attention and Finn had his in hand.  There went that fucking ground-shaking again.  I raised my hands toward the moon and both men dropped to their knees in front of me.  Oh, shit!  I think I’ve got the hang of this necromancy thing.

Now, this was a first.  One latched onto my pussy, while the other tongued my asshole.  My head dropped back and my lids shut out the rest of the world.  I’d never been tongue-lashed like that before so, I let go and let my pineapple pussy juices flow over both the dead… and the undead!  I couldn’t tell one moan from the other at that point as they grunted and plunged their tongues into me.

I continued my chant and the ground shook again.  This time every grave broke free and I was suddenly the main course in an Orgasbord!

Fetish play works like that!

In the event that things went awry, I had a plan!  For as many dicks as I called forth, I called equal amounts of undead pussy.  That’s right! My girls are ride AND die. Giggle.  Let the foreplay begin!  My skin still tingles from all the cold, wet tongues all over my body and inside my pussy and ass.

Who would turn down a sexy otherworldly fuck?  Not I!  I rode the wave of our orgy until nearly sunrise.  Time for beddie-bye kiddies.  I chanted them back from whence they came and found Finn across the graveyard, curled in the fetal position and with his thumb in his mouth.  Poor baby!  I guess he couldn’t take it, huh?

My necromancy career was about to take off!  I hope Finn can handle his girl fucking the living AND the dead!  This wasn’t the beginning of me First Time Sex Stories and it won’t be my last.  Get hooked on my fantasies and let me transport you to OTHER WORLDS!  I’m Joey and I’ve got you covered, no matter what you need.

There is NOTHING WRONG with Having Sex While On The Phone, especially when it’s with the undead! Giggle.