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What will be your order dear? A Big Juicy Hot Dog, or something more Salad like – Hehe

I had a caller tell me that he likes to be dominated and so I thought I’d give him what he ordered!

He walked in, in his expensive suit and his perfectly chiseled body. Well it would make any lady drool to be honest. So I sauntered over with my cute red heels, and my curvy hips, just begging for attention under that short waitress skirt.

He seemed completely disinterested as he looked over the menu. Running my long pink tongue over my lips I grinned softly offering my greeting. He looked up, gazed me up and down and without a thought demanded a glass of water. He was clearly an uptight lawyer or something with his little briefcase and his beady stare.  I felt insulted, so I was going to get him back, at any cost. I mean, I’m hot! Why not be interested!

So I poured him a glass of water and without a care slipped a white powder like substance inside. Bringing back the glass I placed it neatly before him. He seemed agitated and I realized why. He was clearly aroused but his wedding ring showed he was married and he was trying desperately not to show his hard on just under the table. He tried to distract my gaze with the motion of his hand to the menu. He took a nervous sip of his water and within moments felt dazed and confused, almost ill like. I offered the male bathroom and lead him there myself…

Locking the door behind me, the lights went out, and only muffled cries of pleasure could be heard from that bathroom…

Oh my, what could I have done to that poor poor unsuspecting man… hehe One phone call and I’ll confess it all… *giggles*