How Naughty Did I Get On Vacation?!?!

How naughty do you think I got on my trip to the Caribbean? Maybe I just took some toys and got naughty with myself? Or maybe I fucked a few guys and maybe even a girlfriend? What do you think I’d do? Maybe I even fucked the Captain of the ship! You better believe I got naughty while on vacation!

I know now you’re dying to know all about my crazy adventures! I think my favorite was when I was on the top deck and got pounced on. It was only the second day and I wasn’t expecting it get fucked that night. I’d been out drinking with my girlfriends for the past few hours and I wasn’t ready to sleep.

I was standing on at the front of the ship, feeling the wind on my skin and just relaxing when I felt him come up behind me. We’d met the night before at dinner, but I hadn’t seen him since then. I could feel him running his lips down my neck and up to my ear. I shivered under his touch!

His hands were on my hips, but quickly moved down to the hem of my dress. He found my bare skin and started to pull his hands up, exposing my ass cheeks and thong. That’s the moment I felt his bare cock pressing at my crack! I gasped for air but nothing was filling my lungs. I was shocked to feel how large he was!

He turned me around and pressed his lips hard onto mine. He pulled me up onto the railing, spreading my legs, and wrapping his arms around my back to balance me. He pulled me right down onto his cock, pushing all the way into my cunt. I moaned loudly, forgetting where I was!

He bounced me up and down on his cock while rubbing my clit. I threw my head backwards and embraced the sweet orgasm that coursed through my body! I locked my legs around his back as I released and lost all control! He quickly finished inside of me with one finally thrust!

You better believe that lovely cock was inside of me a few more times after that night! Want to hear about our foursome? Our best friends joined us and damn was it good 😉 Damn what a great vacation that was!

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