For all you old perverts!

You don’t even have to be thatΒ old. You can be any age to have naughty underage fantasies. Hey, no judgment here! I’m a very open queen. I crave the deep, dark fantasies and roleplays. Surprisingly, my mind is probably more perverted and depraved than yours. The amazing thing about phone sex is that we can do ANYTHING we can imagine. So, let’s play with some tight teens. I pride myself on creating a space for us to play out dark and extreme fantasies that we can’t do in real life. This way you can have your normal life then come play with me and unleash your dark side.

Naughty underage fantasies deep in your mind

So, if you are still reading this, you are probably depraved like me. Interested in the fantasy of having your way with a young girl? I can understand. For me, I get turned on with the fantasy of having my way with a shy virgin boy. But those teen girls nowadays are so fucking fine. They must know that you perverts are fantasizing about them. Isn’t it so sexy to imagine turning underage ones into your sluts? Having your way with their pure, smooth bodies. Then, they just can’t get enough. Those naughty underage fantasies are so hot. We show them how to properly jerk off. We teach them how to please us. And of course, we give them their first sexual experiences. We give them their first orgasms!

I know what you perverts like

Of course, cute panties. Smooth pussies. Tight, untouched holes. My favorite things are the petite bodies and braces. Braces just make teens hotter. Tiny bodies can be used like toys. Lightweight girls easily played with. Another way to have full control. I enjoy it when the little girls and boys are interested. I love to be the first person to turn them on. Although, maybe you like a little resistance and rape. Let me be her cooperative Mommy. I want to join in! Now you get to fuck a milf and her little girl. All of this is so wrong, illegal, and fucked up in real life. Thankfully, we can play out the naughty underage fantasies together while on the phone.

Naughty underage fantasies don’t stop there

Now, we can flip the switch. I want YOU to be my underage plaything. There is one roleplay that especially turns me on and gets me off. I’m your hot Mommy, and you are my horny teen son. It’s so naughty for Mommy to play with you. I can’t help myself. Mommy knows that you are always horny, always jerking off. I wear sexy sundresses, no bras, low v-cuts to show my cleavage and a tight little thong. I bend over the kitchen counter when you come in and make sure you can see my ass cheeks. Mommy wants to take your virginity. And, nothing is better than Mommy’s pussy. What a lucky boy you are πŸ˜‰

At this point, you better give me a call pervert! Let’s get naughty

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke