Look at me, baby. I want you literally checking out every inch of me as I walk around you. Are you comfortable? Good, I don’t want you hurting in your chair. I am tying you up with the softest of silk scarves. For your naughty tight teen edging, I am making sure everything feels amazing on your skin.

All of it should feel exquisite to you, from my skin on your skin to the materials I am using for our fun, all of it feeling exquisite as I tease you. For our games tonight it is all about the tease and denial with a naughty tight teen edging you for hours and hours. You are going to be the one suffering and then exploding in pleasure.

Naughty Tight Teen Edging is all about the game.

Therefore, this room is the game board and you are my piece. My goal is to see how long I can stretch out the teasing. Denial driving you over the edge or you keeping your head in the game and beating me? Not many are able to outlast me. Of course, there is always that guy here and there. Someone that has the stamina to withstand my sexiness. Although it is rare, I love a man coming in here challenging me!

I am feeling very naughty right now, dancing around you in that chair. Loving you tied so tight and working so hard to resist my beauty and sexual prowess. The way you are looking at me is wild. Like I am a huge juicy steak and you are a tiger. Tell me, baby, are you my virile tiger? Able to stalk me from your compromised position and last longer than anyone else?

Know, that sounds very pleasing to me.

I am always searching for an equal. A man capable of enjoying me as well as meeting me equally in our fun. As a tight teen slut, I am constantly meeting and sleeping with new players in my games. Many are absolute losers unable to keep up with me even slightly. Purely, entertaining when they come to play. I find myself enjoying torturing them as they cum so quickly I have to release them and kick them out.

Oh, look at you. Sweating with anticipation as I am exploring my body with my own hands. Look at my nipples getting hard as I am squeezing them with my fingers. God, that feels amazing. Bending over to touch my toes, exposing my bare young pussy in front of your face. Mmmm…look at you thinking about anything but me. That is so cute.

Honestly, that is impressive using your mental skills to out game me!

I should tell you that you are getting easy right now. If I were to turn on my Bratty Whore Domination, you would crumble to pieces. However, that isn’t going to happen because I am enjoying your strength and ability to genuinely challenge me. Tonight is about the meeting of the minds if you will. Seeing how long you can make it is very exciting for me.

My pussy is getting so wet. Here, let me show you. Pulling my tiny little pussy lips apart, exposing my fine ass cunt should be enough to break you. Still, you are holding out. Damn, you are amazing at this. Your cock is practically throbbing in your boxes. I see it dancing around in there. I should help you with pulling that pecker out so it can play too.

Goodness, my hand on there was rough, wasn’t it?

Wow, you have a very nice dick. I am loving how soft the skin is on the tip. Let me just run my tongue over the tip, licking that precum off. Oh, was that a groan escaping your mouth? This is so fun, you are making me laugh. Feel like watching me dance extra special for you? Good, time for some Naughty Tight Teen Edging music.

I love moving my hips this way. It makes me feel so hot and powerful. Truth is, it is also getting me even wetter. Here, I am going to show you. Sliding my finger deep into my pussy and pulling out my wet finger, sliding over your lips. Bam! That is it, your load shooting out all over me is game over! I fucking win one more time.


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