Melanie laid on the couch her slender teen legs draped over the arm of the couch. It was another long borning stormy day, and Mel was stuck inside. The only bright side to Melanie’s predicament was that she was trapped in the house with her very handsome daddy,  Edward. Mel loved to be a naughty teen tease for her daddy. He never suspected that his loving little girl grew up to be a cock hungry teen.  This particular day Mel decided to push the boundaries of her outfit. She had practiced this for weeks using a incest phone sex chat.  Wearing the shortest skirt she could find and smallest crop top to barely covering her tight teen tit’s she laid on the couch in waiting. Her little waxed teen pussy quivering with anticipation.  She was trying to relax when she came across a  top 5 favorite incest porn blog.

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Edward walked into the room and saw his beautiful teen daughter laying on the couch. (What is that girl doing) he thought. He cleared the lump in his throat and tried to ignore the bulge forming from this naughty teen tease. “Mel sweetheart what are you doing?” Mel’s face lit up when her name rolled off her daddy’s tongue.

“Oh hi, Daddy!” Mel replied swinging her legs around keeping her legs parted her bald teen pussy peaking out. ” I am just reading.” She smiled slyly. Mel knew her pussy was peaking out and she saw the large bulge. Edward sat down next to that naughty teen tease.  Placing his hand on her smooth leg. He couldn’t resist touching her exposed skin. ” Your such a big girl now,” He said as his fingers traveled up her silky smooth thighs near her sweet teen honey pot.

Edward’s string fingers started to caress her little naughty teen tease pussy lips as Mel’s breath hitched. Edward gripped her hair with his free hand and cranked her head back. Mel Let out a small gasp. His lips and teeth grazed her skin. He inhaled her skin deeply and dragged his tongue against her cheek. The scruff of his beard roughly followed. He nibbled on her earlobes and she squirmed getting wetting. Edward pushed a finger in her sweet naughty teen tease cunt. He enjoyed how wet and warm that tight hole was as he probed it.

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Edward moved his lips to Mels and kissed her roughly and deeply. Their tounges danced with one another. His hand wrapped around her slender neck and her gripped her and pulled her up. His free hand rubbing her pussy faster. Mel’s thighs were shaking as her daddy got her closer to her first orgasm. “Oh fuck Daddy!” Mel cried out as she fell against her daddy’s chest. Her little wet slit still sat in his big hand.  Edward kissed the top of her head and whispered”Good Girl we have only just begun”  He swung his arm under her and picked her up swinging her over his shoulders. She made a surprised noise as her strong daddy carried her over his shoulder towards the bedroom. Edward tossed Mel on top of the bed carefully.

Mel bounced a bit as she hit the soft mattress of her Daddy’s bed. Edward unbuttoned his shirt letting it fall down on the floor. He Slid on the bed next to her and grabbed her arms tieing them up with the rope that was next to the bed. ” I pleased you, little girl, it’s your turn,” He said and unbuttoned his pants sliding it down and his large hard member popped outstanding erected.  Edward pulled her closer and she opened her mouth obediently. He slid his hard cock past her pouty teen lips and on top of her wet pink tongue. Moving his hips slowly he pushed his cock in Mel’s tight warm mouth until she gagged and then he pushed harder causing her to cough and fight.

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He chuckled and held his cock in her throat ” That’s a good girl” and suddenly pulled out trails of saliva hung from her mouth to his cock. He pushed his cock fastback in and repeated it. Groaning every time he kept going in and out.  He couldn’t wait any longer he pulled out right before he felt like he had to cum to calm down.

Walking around the bed Edward hoped up behind his princess as she tried to catch her breath. His strong hands gripped her hips and he drove his hard cock deep in that naughty teen tease pussy that had been taunting him for days. Pounding his cock in and out she moaned and cried out loud ” Oh yes Daddy Fuck me with that big hard Daddy cock!” That tipped him over the edge his hips slamming into her harder and harder then finally his sweet release. He pumped Hot rope after Hot rope of his potent daddy cum deep in that tiny teases pussy. He collapsed on top of her and held her close pushing his hips against her making sure that not a drop of his seed rolled out.


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