A sweet girl turned naughty teen sucks to get her way.

A naughty teen sucks on just about everything she can get her hands on. A lollipop, a piece of candy, even her own thumb. I was just like this when I was a little younger, and I’m STILL as mischievous as I was back then, if not more. Then again, I was always comfortable being a little flirt and I had a bad grandpa who didn’t really mind all my antics. After all, he was the one benefiting from them most. When I was a little younger, I was always finding some avenue to get in trouble. I always got my way somehow. Sometimes that meant sneaking off with a piece of candy that I wasn’t supposed to have, just so that my grandma would get mad and take it away. Skip a few minutes and my puppy dog face would convince my grandpa to sneak away with it and give it back to me.

I always knew what I was doing.

Before long, my plans were getting a little naughtier. When I hit the stage where I was flirting with everyone and everything, that even included my daddy and my grandpa. I’d find some reason or another to sit on gramps’s lap as we were watching TV or a movie. I knew the subtle motions of me rocking against his lap and cock would turn him on, and before the show was over, I could always feel his rock hard cock under his pants. I had no limits when it came to tormenting him, but soon enough I had to deliver something. Poor gramps always had me blueballing him. One day, I finally got in so much trouble that I’d need a lot more than a sad angel face to get me out of it.

I’d gotten caught kissing the neighbor’s son, and of course, he was going to tell my dad. Well, he was going to tell him, right up until I got a little closer. I told him we could keep it our little secret, and I could give him a better one worth keeping. My words exactly. He raised his brows like he had no idea what I was saying. He didn’t want to understand a word of it. However, my hands playing with his belt convinced him. I was making him almost tremble in anticipation as I slid down on my knees in front of him. He was living out his greatest fantasy.. A naughty teen sucks on her boyfriend’s cock and it’s just content for another porn video. It’s so much better when it’s her grandpa’s cock instead.

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