My Hot Uncle is Here!

My uncle is in town for the week and I have been teasing him non-stop since he arrived. On his first night, he was so tired that he barely said “hi” before heading to the guest room and laying down for a nap. Mom set up dinner and sent me to go wake him up. So, I snuck quietly into his room while he was sleeping. As I make my way over to his bed, I see that he is only wearing his boxers to sleep. Naughty thoughts are creeping into my mind as I stare at the bulge in his shorts. I wonder if he has ever dreamed about his naughty teen niece like I have dreamed of him. Then I reach my hand out and pat his cock gently to wake him up.

“Uncle Phil, wake up. Dinner is ready, Uncle Phil.” I whisper softly to him as I feel his cock grow under my hand. He groans and turns as he starts to wake up. Then I quickly take my hand away and stand up from his bed. I put on an innocent act to make him believe that his hard cock was purely from his own raging hormones and wet dreams.
“Good morning, sleepyhead. Mom made dinner, but you might want to hide that before anyone else sees.” I giggle and point at his hard cock which he shyly covers with his blanket.

“It looks like you were having a nice dream. Was it about me?” I tease him some more.

“I’ll be out in a minute. Please don’t tell your mom what you saw. She’ll never let me live it down!” My uncle pleads as he tried to get himself together.

Something triggered inside of me when my uncle was begging for me to keep his boner a secret. It was a power trip that made my lace panties soak with my pussy juices. All I want to do is to make him beg his naughty teen niece again. It was my fault that his cock was hard and yet I came out of it on top. So, I decided to tease my uncle even more!

When we sit down around the dinner table, I sit directly across from my uncle. He is avoiding eye contact with me and I can tell that he is still embarrassed by his erection. I stuck out my foot and found my Uncle Phil’s leg under the table. His eyes shot open as he tried to remain calm. Then, I start to drag my foot up and down his leg. He is struggling to contain himself and thinks that I am teasing him about earlier. I can tell that he was afraid that I would blurt out his secret boner to everyone at dinner. But, I have different plans.

Craving His Naughty Teen Niece

When our eyes finally locked across the table, I quickly slid my foot up his leg and between his thighs. He mouthed “Stop” to me, but I didn’t listen. Then I pressed my toes against his cock and began to rub him through his pants. My oblivious family laughed and joked with each other as I teased my uncle’s cock like the naughty little niece I am. Once mom stood up, I pulled my foot away, leaving my uncle with blue balls and a very confused state of mind. I want to make him crave this tight teen pussy!

Later that night, when everyone had finally gone to bed, I heard my uncle moving around in the guest bedroom next to mine. So, I put on my silky pink nightgown and decided to go tease him some more. When I open his door, I catch him jacking off in his bed.
“I guess I did a pretty good job teasing you today, didn’t I? Hope you’re ready for more tomorrow.” I laugh at my horny uncle and shut the door behind me. His naughty little niece has only just started and he knows it!

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