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Babysitting is something that I do just to make a little extra money. Well, it started out that way anyway. I like pretty things and my allowance seems to disappear almost as soon as I make it. It didn’t take long for me to become a naughty teen babysitter. Some of the dads that I babysat for were really hot. There’s something about older men that always gets me super horny! It all started when my parent’s best friends asked me to babysit for them. Mr. Carson is someone that I’ve had a crush on forever and a day. Even though I had plans with my friends, of course, I said yes! I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to see him even for a few minutes.

It turns out that his wife was out of town at work and he had to work late at the office.

He was so grateful that I agreed to help out in a pinch. The second I walked through the door, my pussy started to drip. He looked so handsome in his suit and tie. I’m pretty sure that I licked my lips without even noticing.

Once he was gone and his kids were in bed for the night, the naughty teen babysitter in me came right out. Somehow I ended up in his bed, wearing one of his wife’s sexy little negligees. My hand was down the front of my panties rubbing my tight teen pussy and I was moaning like crazy. I guess I lost track of time because the next thing I knew he was standing in the doorway watching me. He must have been watching for a while because he had a huge bulge straining against the front of his pants. It looked like it was ready to burst right out.

It looked like Mr. Carson could use some help with that big bulge.

He tried to pretend that he was upset but there was no way to hide how turned on he was. His wife was out of town so it wasn’t too hard for me to convince him to let me be his wife for a few hours. I grabbed him by the hand and tugged him onto the bed with me. Both of us were naked in no time. Once my lips were wrapped around his throbbing rock-hard shaft, any protests he was ready to give disappeared.

His cock was so much bigger and thicker than I had imagined. The way it filled my mouth definitely had me craving to get other parts of me stretched open next. He rolled me onto my back and thrust his cock so deep inside of my tight teen pussy that I started squirting like crazy! His sheets were dripping by the time I went home that night. He was just the first of my hot daddy’s I’ve fucked to earn my reputation. I get all the hot older man dick I can handle and plenty of money to buy whatever I want.


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