Naughty Teacher.

“Hello class, my name is Miss Genie. I’ll be your substitute teacher today.” Mmmm, and as I look around the room I spot just the one I plan to keep after school for detention. I see him looking me up and down. Johnny Bowers, row eight seat number five. Oh yes, I have a secret lesson plan for Mr. Bowers.  I have to show him a thing or two especially my two size 44 DD tits that he can’t keep his eyes off of. I will be Johnny’s personal tutor in all things kinky. I’m his Naughty Teacher.

The final bell rings loudly and all the students collect their things and rush to the door. “Excuse me, Jonathan Bowers, but you are not dismissed. You must stay after school for detention”, I say in a stern voice. Johnny looks at me and sighs, “Aw, Miss Genie, I have plans after school”. I spy a pretty cheerleader eyeing Johnny as if waiting for him which gave me more motivation to keep him for myself.

I step in front of her and glare at him,  “I see in your records that you have missed several assignments. Don’t think that because I’m only a substitute teacher that you can get away with this. Sit down. Pull out your History book. The rest of you are dismissed. Oh I am a Naughty Teacher, aren’t I. As the students clear the room I lock the door and turn to Johnny. I start to unbutton my blouse. “Now, Mr. Bowers, I have a few things I need to teach you. For instance, the difference between a young silly bitch and a real woman.” I take off my blouse and my bra and show him my tits.

I see his bulge in his pants. “Oh Miss Genie are you my Naughty Teacher?”


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