A spring break get away with my naughty teacher, Mr. Joe! I feel so bad for teachers sometimes, especially the ones who teach teenagers and aren’t allowed to teach them anything useful.

Mr. Joe could teach me all kinds of things if only there wasn’t the, ‘keep your hands off the hot students or else you’ll get fired” thing. It sucks that we have to sneak around, it’s just a matter of time before Mom figures out I’m not having a bunch of sleep-overs with my new friend “Jenny”. She’d hit the roof and she’d probably kill me if she knew Mr. Joe and I went to spring break together. My naughty teacher made all the arrangements and all I had to do was tell Mom, Jenny and I were going to spend a week at her parent’s vacation home. 

Mr. Joe picked me up in the mall parking lot and off we went. I know how boring driving for hours can be, so I made the hours fly by with a little entertainment. I started off by sliding my skirt up to my hips and taking off my panties. That kept him happy for a while, but when I started playing with my pussy he started having trouble focusing on the road. I’m amazed we got there in one piece, although the seat I was on was very wet from pussy juices. My naughty teacher slowed the car down, as he started looking for our hotel and I looked at all the hot, horny guys and girls we’d be spending the week with. There were so many of them and I just knew Mr. Joe would let me have at least one threesome before going home. 

My pussy started getting wet and when my naughty teacher, Mr. Joe pulled into the back parking lot of the hotel I told him to wait a minute.

He killed the engine and saw the look on my face, pushing his chair back. “Here?” he asked, nodding out the window as if I haven’t fucked with an audience before. I undid his jeans and took his dick out, leaning forward so I could lick it. He moaned as I went up and down, driving him crazy and he begged me to suck him off. I opened my mouth and went down, swallowing his dick whole. He held my head as I sucked him, keeping my tight wet lips around him. I went at him hard and fast, working him to the point of blowing his load then stopped. I wanted Mr. Joe filling my pussy. I slid his dick out of my mouth and pushed myself up, holding his shoulder as I straddled him. I felt his dick push into me and a rush went through me as I saw a guy watching us from outside.

 So I waved at him and began to ride Mr. Joe, my breasts shoving into his face every time I moved up because I was leaning into him so much.

I put my arms around his neck and moved faster, his dick ramming into me. He put his arms around my waist and I could hear him moaning against me. His thighs moved under me and he pushed up while holding me down, forcing his dick in deep. Mr. Joe came and I squeezed my pussy on him, fucking him while I still had him. I was getting closer and Mr. Joe froze, dong a silent gasp as I managed to have a little orgasm. I slid off his lap and got out of his door. “Come on, we only have a week.” I told him, fixing my skirt as I heard a couple of guys making comments about me. I smiled at them as they passed and Mr. Joe took me into the hotel.

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