I Am The Naughty Step Daughter You Want!

Of course I am a naughty step daughter. That is a fact that I had yet to prove to my mom’s new boyfriend. It all took one night to change my mind though. I woke up in the middle of the night wanting something to drink so I headed down stairs. As I walked passed my mom’s bedroom I heard something that I actually found hot. My mom was pretending to be me. She was role playing with her new boyfriend to be young, sweet me. That’s when I had an idea.

The next morning I woke up decided to give him the real thing. I waited for my mom to leave to work and that’s when I took my chance. He was downstairs eating his breakfast and I came down completely naked. The look on his face was priceless. I started calling him Daddy as I approached him. I knew he was hard when I got really close to him and felt his boner poke me through his pajamas. That is all he needed.

He picked me up and put me on the kitchen table. He went down on me. He ate my pussy so fucking good. Like no one has ever done before. He made me cum and then after that he just flipped me around and fucked me. It wasn’t this slow, passionate fucking. I felt like he want it me but there was something primal about it. I felt his dick deep in me and there it was. He made me cum a second time, this time right on his big fat cock. Now I know why my mom loves having him around and after that morning, I loved having him around too.

That morning for breakfast I drank his cum and I told him it was going to happen again.

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