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There I was, on the phone with my boyfriend, my shorts on the floor, my fingers in my pussy, and my boss in the doorway staring at me. “I’ll call you back,” I said to my boyfriend before I hung up. “What a naughty, slutty babysitter you are. Is this what you do when you put Ken in his bed?” Ben walked over to me. He looked down at the glass of alcohol I took from his cabinets. “and drinking at sixteen too!? So, you’re grown up, huh? Talking dirty, stripping on my couch, and fingering that little cunt of yours? Maybe I need to tell your parents about this” I shook my head and begged Ben not to say anything. He laughed as he pulled out his phone. Without thinking, I jumped up, pressed myself to Ben, grabbed his phone from his hands, and held it behind my back.

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“Please! I’m begging you, Ben! Please, I’ll do anything! Just please don’t call my parents!” Ben chuckled and looked down at me, grabbed my ass, pulled me into the boner in his pants, and whispered in my ear, “Oh, sweet girl, I’m going to make you do everything, whether you want to or not, now that I know your a naughty, slutty babysitter. And after that little statement.” my legs trembled at what he could have meant by that. My head started to roam, and I stammered, “I- I have a boyfr-” “I’m not asking you, young lady, I’m telling you!” Ben said as he grabbed my chin, forcing me to look up at him. My thighs began to feel wet, my face turned red, and my nipples got hard.

Before I could say anything, Ben put his hand on my head and forced me to my knees. “Take it out.” my eyes widened at him in shock. Ben rolled his eyes in annoyance and grabbed my head, shoving my face into his crotch.

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Once his hand lifted off my head, he demanded again. “I said to fucking whip it out! You’re a naughty, slutty babysitter, right!? Now fucking do it!” I shook at the five in his voice and proceeded to undo his pants. As I pulled off Ben’s pants and boxers, I watched as his big, fat daddy dick bounced out and pointed at me. I had never seen a cock in real life. I was still a virgin! He demanded that I lick and suck it. My hands shook as I gripped his cock and stuck my tongue out, licking the tip. After a few licks, Ben’s cock began to leak. Just as I began to get less nervous, Ben placed his hand back on my head and shoved his cock deep into my throat.

I thrashed and tried to pull away, but he slapped me in the face the second I pulled off his cock. “Did I say you can take your mouth off my dick!? Fuckin slut wants me to dial her parents, huh!?”

Take It All, Virgin Slut!

“No! Please! I’m sorry! Please, no! I’ll be a good naughty, slutty babysitter! Just please don’t call them!” Ben chuckled and put his hand back on my head. I closed my eyes as he began to stuff his big fat cock back down my throat. choking and gagging, I tried to take it all, but Ben started pulling it in and out of my mouth. I could feel the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat over and over again. After a good minute of using my mouth, Ben grabbed my arms and picked me up to my feet. He then gripped my tits, inspecting my body with his hands. Ben turned me around and made me place my hands on the couch. I could not believe my first time would be for the father I worked for!

My pussy began leaking more as I felt Ben’s fingers grip at my panties, slipping them off my little pussy.

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