Naughty shoe salesman are so fun to play with!

It was late evening on a fall night and I had a wedding to attend to that weekend. I still hadn’t got my shoes yet. So I made my way downtown to a little mom and pops shoe store.
I am greeted as I walk through the door by this older gentleman probably in his late 50’s. He tells me they are closing in 15 minutes, he has this look that he could be a very Naughty shoe salesman.  So I begin browsing the isles I notice he’s at the cash register cashing out a mother and daughter. Now it’s just him and I in the store and I still haven’t found the right shoes.
Just as I am about to give up on finding them here I spot them the perfect black high heels 5inch stilettos, with a strap around the ankle. As I pick them up they seem kind of big. I look at the shoe size I am praying they are a 7 but nope they are a 9 so there I stand frustrated in the shoe aisle almost to the point to where I am going to break down. Just then I feel a tap on my shoulder it’s the cashier and he asks me if I’m alright and if I needed any help so I ask him if he has the shoes in a 7.

He tells me he will go look and I should have a seat that it was closing time as well so he was gonna lock the door so no one else came in.

He comes back a few minutes later with a box in hand and bends down in front of me and asks me if he can put the shoe on me, I agree and I feel his hand on my calve over my stocking as he gently pulls my shoe off and grazes me toes with his hand as he does this I giggle a little, he smiles and I smile back at him. Then he asks me if I’m ticklish. In a playful grin I tell him yes a little. So as he is putting the other shoe on my foot he intentionally grazes my foot again and slides his other hand up my calve. I have a reflex moment and let out the slightest moan as he does this.

He does it again and I rub my hand on his partially bald head, what a Naughty shoe salesman. He asks me if I want him to remove my stocking, I tell him yes. So he begins to remove my stocking and my pussy is starting to ache. It had been months since I had came.

Without warning, I feel his mouth on my toes nibbling and kissing each and every one. Then he begins to stick his tongue between each toe as he did this I feel myself getting wet.
Want to be my Naughty shoe salesman and help me finish my story?

Best Phone Sex!