I’m a naughty-sex-slave and my master had just finished fucking my ass HARD!  I didn’t know what I had done wrong, but he was especially cruel to me; slapping my ass much harder than he usually did; then burying his huge cock deeper in my holes and lasting longer than ever before! I knew I was gonna end up walking funny tomorrow. OUCH!!!

As he left and closing the door to my room, some part of my brain registered that he had failed to lock said door. He NEVER failed to lock that fucking door.  Moreover, if he was going to treat me like this, I was going to find a new master! Throwing on my little slip, I padded over to the door and gently, carefully opened it. Peering around the door, I saw an empty hallway. So, I tip-toed out and saw a window that looked out onto a beach. First, I crept down the stairs and made my way to a sliding glass door. Then,  I unlocked it and froze because it squeaked when I opened it. Holy Shit!

Not only that but, I was also crippled with fear.  So, I snuck out onto his deck, trying to hide in the fading moonlight; yet hearing the beckoning sound of the roaring surf. Finally, I thought, “I’m free!” As I headed down the stairs, I heard a quiet cough and my heart nearly stopped! A figure, much smaller than my master, was wearing a black overcoat and my pussy dampened. Hoping to still make good on my escape I looked down the stairs and NOW, HE WAS THERE!  I couldn’t remain trapped as a naughty-sex-slave; there MUST be a way out!



CUM along with me…GUIDE ME OUT!