Naughty Secrets Cum Out And Play At The Drive-In!

Naughty secrets cum out and play, while at the drive-in. Austin and I have been together for about 6 mos and things are going great; I’ve debated many times, whether or not I should let me know my naughty little secret, my secret of just how freaky and horny I am ALL the time. Up until that point, he thought I was a regular vanilla kind of girl! Part of me doesn’t want to potentially push him away and the other half just doesn’t give a fuck…I mean if it was meant to be, then he’d understand and join me in my quest to fuck as much as humanly possible!

While watching a movie at the drive-in with him, I decided that would be the best opportunity to NOT tell him about my freaky ways, but to show him instead. As he was sitting there, completely engrossed in the movie, I decided to make my move. I discreetly reached into my purse and I pulled out a big black strap-on and very quietly put that bitch on. I took out a few other toys and sexual tools, just to make the experience extra special and unforgettable.

Much to my surprise Austin didn’t hear or suspect a thing, which made this whole thing that much more exciting and intriguing.

While sitting in the passenger seat, I leaned back on it and I nervously tapped Austin on his shoulder, as my prick was standing at full attention. Now, one might say that I would have a better chance of getting him to accept and support my freaky ways if I eased him into to, but I decided that holding back just wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore…I mean come on, I’ve already been tame for the last 6 mos, now I am just a tigress ready to fucking pounce.

Right as I tapped Austin’s shoulder, he looked at me and immediately his eyes went down and saw my HUGE black cock. Before he could react or mutter I sound, I instantly grabbed the back of his head and forcefully shoved his face on my cock! Much to my surprise, Austin reached his hand all the over the lever on the side of the seat and made my seat lean all the way back and he began to suck my prick like a champion.

Not only that, but while he was sucking his fingers naturally found their way past my pussy, up through the crack of my ass and right into my tight little-puckered star!

I couldn’t believe how eager my Austin was to fuck and fuck me with his mouth and hands. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Does this mean I get to have WILD and kinky sex ALL THE TIME…Buffet style! The way he worked the head and shaft of my strap on, let me know he not only had experience in the field of cock sucking, he also was a seasoned vet. He could tease, lick, suck and deep throat with the best of him. I went through the fucking roof of the truck when he… Call me and I will tell you my naughty secrets! Detail, by juicy detail I will let you know! I want to give you the best phone sex ever!

Teen Phone Sex!