Dear Diary: I Made The Best Naughty Secretary There Ever Was

Being Adrian’s naughty secretary, was one of the highlights of my sexual desires! Adrian is the kind of man I love; he’s confident and goes after what he wants no matter what it is. He works for an accounting firm and he has his own office. It has windows that look out to the park next door. He was staying late the other night and told me he’d be all alone. We thought it would be great if he had his own naughty secretary. Who could help him with his big workload and then some.

I slipped into the building and hung back, until there was no one left then went in, taking a look until I found his office. I spotted his name on the door and quickly sat down at the desk nearest to it. After a minute Adrian called me into his office and I went to him, carrying a handful of papers. He was sitting behind his desk and I noticed that the windows were wide open. All somebody would have to do is look up and they’d see us.

Just the thought of being watched excited me and my pussy throbbed as he motioned me to come closer.

I stood beside him and put the papers on his desk, bending over as I did so. He grabbed my ass and gave it a squeeze while I pretended not to notice. I took a minute to tidy up his desk like the good naughty secretary I am, while he touched me then went to go back to my desk. He pulled me onto his lap and I could feel his hard dick rubbing against my ass.

His hand went up my skirt and into my panties, as I wiggled slowly on him, making him groan. He brushed a finger over my pussy then pushed inside it, slowly pumping it back and forth until I was soaking wet. His finger slid out of my pussy and he grabbed me by the arm, pulling me to my feet as he stood up. He bent me over the desk and shoved my skirt up then tugged down my panties. A shiver went through me as they fell to my ankles and I spread my legs open for him.

I heard a zipper go down then he put his arm on my back as his dick went past my pussy lips. I arched my hips up as he went in and filled me with dick. Adrian pressed me down into the desk and began fucking me, his throbbing dick rubbing past my walls hard and fast. I kept hitting the edge of it as I rocked back on him and knocked the papers off the desk. He put his hands on my waist, holding me as he pounded me and my clit ached so bad. I squeezed my pussy around him as I moved with him and I could hear him groaning behind me.

I came hard, my body tensing while he kept going.

then I shuddered as his dick touched my sensitive clit and when I started to relax he pressed down on me and came. Adrian’s dick slid out of me, leaving a string of cum on my thigh and I straightened up while he put his dick away. “Will that be all?” I asked while fixing my skirt and he waved at the door. “That’s it for now, I’ll let you know when I need you again.” He then looked down at his desk, not even bothering to look at me as I left. It didn’t bother me though; actually, it was kind of hot.

I was there to please him and nothing more. Being used like that gave me a huge rush and I can’t wait to find another man who can give me the satisfaction Adrian did, by making me his naughty secretary. Do you have a kinky role play idea darling? I’d love to hear about it, then I’d love to turn it into your reality.!

Best Phone Sex!