I was such a young naughty Schoolgirl!

I ran into my old English teacher the other day and he looked just as hot as he did when I was a Schoolgirl in high school.

Whenever I see a news story about a teacher getting busted for sleeping with a student I’d think “Where are all these horny teachers? Can’t I go to school there?” It doesn’t matter now because I got a second chance and flirted my ass off with Mr. Goslin.

I told him I would love to show him how my Schoolgirl skills had improved over the last couple of years.

He said I could come by after class, he’d be there until the evening so he could catch up on grading papers. I didn’t go to school until there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot. I walked down the hallways until I found my old classroom and slipped inside.

Mr. Goslin looked up when I closed the door behind me and his jaw dropped. He stared at me and I knew my Catholic school girl uniform still looked amazing on me. I walked toward him and he looked at his watch. “You’re late,” he said and stood up. “It’s time you learned to be on time.” He opened his desk drawer and took out a long wooden ruler.

He whacked the desk with it and told me to bend over.

I stood by the desk, said “Yes, sir.” and bent over slowly, my blouse falling open because I hadn’t buttoned it all the way up. I also hadn’t bothered to wear a bra or panties which he soon saw. He stood behind me and yanked my skirt up, exposing my bare ass and pussy.

He stroked his hand over my cheek then took it away. I shivered as I heard him move and a second later I felt a sharp pain on my ass.

The ruler landed on me with a loud smack and I shut my mouth, muffling my cry so no one would hear us. He brought his hand up and brought the ruler down on me again, making me yelp. He smacked me again and again, making my thighs press against the desk as tears roles down my cheeks.

My ass was burning when he finally stopped and grabbed my arm, pulling me upright. He tossed the ruler on the desk and sat in his chair. “You can leave once you’ve done your oral exam,” he told me as he unzipped his trousers.

I knelt in front of him and took his hard dick out.

I gave him a few strokes then licked my lips before sliding them down his shaft. He put his hand on the back of my head and held me down, shoving his dick in until he hit the back of my throat. I gagged and he started pulling my head up and down, forcing me to suck him. I went at his pace and relaxed my throat while breathing through my nose so I could handle it. When I was doing what he wanted he relaxed his grip and sat back, enjoying it. I could hear him moaning as my mouth moved on him. He suddenly bucked his hips up and cum shot down my throat.

  I swallowed like a good girl then slipped him out of my mouth. I stood up and he said “You have detention for the next week. Don’t be late again.”

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