Naughty School Girl Slut Gets Schooled

When I was a teen I was a wild child. I know! Me, how surprising right? Well at 15 I got sent to Catholic high school for being a naughty school girl! My parents were concerned how boy crazy I was and I was getting in trouble. Boys and their naughty parts were all new to me back then. I wanted to do and try everything I could with my budding awakening body! Well, nothing frosts the cake of a tight, willing, little teen body better than a Catholic school girl uniform. I loved the outfit and the attention it drew, not just from boys but from MEN.

My dad’s best friend Jim was the first adult man I became aware of noticing it. He lived right down the street, with his wife and kids. He was at our house in the afternoons, after work, and on weekends. I would come bounding home after school and he would just stare at my full breasts bouncing under my blouse. If I bent over he would stop whatever he was doing and gawk. I really liked making him flustered and would find any reason I could to innocently give him an eyeful of cleavage or upper thigh. It was like our little unspoken game.

One day I had just gotten home from school to an empty house when the door bell rang.

I answered the door and there was Jim.”Hey sweetie, I am having car trouble and do not have the right socket. Your dad said he had the right one in his tool box and you could open the shed for me to get it,” he explained for the intrusion. “Oh sure. Let me get the shed key and I will meet you out there.”

As I crossed the backyard with the key he was leaning against the shed door smirking. He did not move as I started unlocking the padlock. Instead, he leaned forward and pressed his forehead against mine and peeked down my white uniform blouse. I started breathing heavy, nervous our game was going to a new level. I was a naughty school girl, but not a very EXPERIENCED one – yet. I’d only fucked a few boys from school so far.

He watched my ample cleavage rise and fall. “You are a smart girl, how do you spell attic?”

 “A-T-T-I-C.” I whispered.  Then I giggled realizing what I had said. “That is stupid!” I cried out as I pushed open the shed door and entered the little building. I walked over to the work bench daddy’s tool box was on. “What size socket did you need?” I asked as I opened the socket drawer. “What size dick do you need? Are you tired of those little boy peckers yet and want some real man meat?” I had KNEW my parents had vented about the trouble they’d been having with boys and me!

Young and cocky, thinking I knew a thing or two already, I rolled my eyes and informed him, “You don’t have anything I haven’t already had.”

Boy, did he prove me wrong! He dropped his jeans. My eyes followed a big thick treasure trail to a solid patch of pubic forest around a big, thick, throbbing purple cock! It curved to the left which confused me because I thought all dicks were straight. My cotton panties moistened, and there was a deep ache inside that usually was only relieved by shoving my fingers up into my tight teen pussy and fucking it.

I was in awe, “Did you break it? Why is it bent? Can I touch it?””Yes baby girl, put your hand on it. Some dicks have a little bend to them.” I reached out and touched this full-grown man meat and the yearning inside me grew deeper and more intense. I crossed my thighs and squeezed, trying to put pressure on my pussy and make it feel a little better. It did not help at all! I wanted to slide my whole hand inside myself and make it better but Jim was right here and that was a private thing. Finally I whispered, “Can I feel it?” Jim said, “You are, sweetie.” I replied very softly: “No, inside me” He replied just as quietly. “You want it? Do you really want it? I will give it to you but you can NEVER tell anyone.”

I nodded, excited and nervous. Then what he did was nothing like what any boy had ever done to me.

He took me. He spun me around, facing the work bench. Then he pushed me down by the shoulder, my chest went flat against the table and my ass rose up to him. He lifted my skirt and slid my cotton panties to the side in one motion. I felt the huge head pressing on my tight, pink, pussy lips until they spread and he began to enter the warmth inside me. He kept sliding in and spreading me, I had never been opened up like that. My pussy gushed, welcoming him, and the ache was a happy one. He pinned me against that table and started pounding deep and hard into me. I had NEVER been fucked like THAT!

“Please, please…” I begged. He slowed the pace and I said “No! more! harder!”

He complied, the sound of our bodies slapping together echoed through the little shed. I moaned and felt my little body relax as my own juices began gushing out of me.  His dick was slick as it kept pounding my dripping, naughty school girl pussy. It was so big and filled my pussy, hitting deep. I never wanted it to stop! I gripped it tighter when it shot a load deep inside of me, knowing it would slide out soon.

My cherry had already been popped but this was SO much better than that!
This was my very first grown up cock and my first orgasm, a day I often STILL finger fuck myself to.

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