I’m ready to be a naughty school girl again.

It’s that time of year. Time for pencils and notebooks and teacher’s to fuck. I love being that naughty school girl they love. The first day of school is always my favorite. I get to see all the fresh meat, all the potential notches on my pretty pink bed post. It’s like Christmas for this slutty little princess. All the new teachers I’ve never fucked just waiting for me. I always wear my shortest skirt and tightest shirt. I have to have all the attention. And trust me I definitely get it;)

Last year I fucked 3 male teachers and 1 female. That’s right, I love pussy too. Mmmmmm so good. They loved my sweet little pussy too. They love to bury their faces between my legs, they love to beg me, they can’t fucking get enough. Neither can I really. They all make me feel so good! I’m dripping wet thinking about all the potential candidates for this year.

I walk into my first class, and oh boy he’s juicy. I can just imagine what he’ll look like laying underneath me while I ride him. Bet he has a nice big cock for me. He looks like a beggar too. I can feel his eyes follow me. My tight little skirt barely covering my ass(I’m breaking all the dress codes but…I fucked the principal too;)). I wiggle extra for him and sit in the front row. Keeping my legs spread so he can have a sweet little view of what I can’t wait to give him. He licks his lips and then looks into my eyes. Mmmm immediate electricity. Immediately dripping pussy. I bite my lip and wink at him.

I can’t wait to teach him a thing or two;)

You’re him, call me!

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