We are going on vacation! It is time for some Naughty Road Trip Sex and we are ready. Frankie and I are packing our sexiest outfits and fucking our way across these United States of America. Of course, we don’t have any set plans or a specific route in mind. We are hitting the road and seeing where it takes us. That is the joy of our trip.

We don’t always do trips like this. Sometimes, we plan out our sexy beach vacations. Those require set reservations and such, so we have to go with plans. Not this trip though. It is all on the fly, making it even more fun for the two of us dirty girls. She and I are alike in the fact that we are horny all the damn time. I consider myself a nympho and I don’t think she does. She says she is a slut instead.

Either way, we are going to have lots of Naughty Road Trip Sex.

We are the best Phone Sex Girls around! Both of us love what we do and do it well! It is our goal to give our callers the very best of their fetish fun. Whether they are craving role-play fun or real-life stories, we are up for the challenge. Each of us has an amazing story to share and it is all naughty fun. If you are into bad girls, you will love playing with us.

Of course, as a nympho, some of my stories include my Amazing MILF Gangbang fun! My friend, Jim and I had the idea to host this shindig. He has lots of sexy friends. For them to be a part of our little party, they had to send pics of their dicks. If they aren’t up to my standard and big enough, they aren’t allowed to attend our party. Needless to say plenty of guys with big dicks show up and it is a fantastic night of gangbanging fun!

Back to our sexy road trip!

We have no destination. It is the open road and the towns that are speaking to us. As we are traveling, when we feel good in a city or town, we stay for a night knowing we will be having naughty road trip sex here. Tonight we are in a little town in Texas with lots of sexy cowboys. There are a few bars and clubs to check out. We get all dolled up and start our night at the smallest bar in town. It is a hole in the wall place but fun.

From there, we hit a decent bar with a nice crowd. Good music and a big dance floor. Frankie and I are dancing for hours with some sexy men. After a while we decide we are going to the big club we spotted to see what it is all about. Of course, we are not disappointed. It is full of sexy people. I am loving this place. Right away, well-dressed men are buying us drinks and giving us their numbers.

This club is a blast!

We are dancing, drinking and flirting. The men are swarming around us like bees on honey. We have the pick of the litter here and we are in no hurry to pick too soon. Of course, we are flirting and dancing with them to feel out their dick sizes. Neither of us wants to get stuck with anyone packing a tiny pecker. So many men and so many dicks to work through. Oh, the fun of it all!

One thing is certain, the men in this town are fucking hot. However, there are a lot of misleaders with little wieners in their pants. We have widdled it down to six guys and the decision is getting harder. Finally, we pull all of them over and ask if they are up for some naughty road trip sex and orgy fun with two hot ladies. Of course, they all say yes and we head back to one of the guy’s homes.

He is well off and has a huge house.

This place is amazing with a pool and a ton of bedrooms. We start our fun with skinny dipping and end up in his big master bedroom. He has the biggest bed I have ever seen. So many dicks to play with. Curious to know how much fun we had with all those sexy men? If you call me I will give you all the juicy, dirty details!

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