“How is daddy’s little girl doing?”

Daddy’s little girl. That’s me.

I was in bed reading a book when Daddy came into my room. I was wearing the small green shorts and white T-shirt that I usually wear to bed. So I was nice and warm under the covers.

I put my book on the nightstand and moved over so Daddy could sit next to me.

“I love it when your hair is in pigtails like that.” He started running his fingers through my hair and then he started rubbing my shoulders.

“What is it Daddy? is something wrong?”

“No. Your mother is asleep and I wanted to see if you were still up. I want to play a game with you.”

“What kind of game?”

Daddy took the covers off me and pulled me close to him. “I want to see how fast I can make you cum.” He started to kiss me on the mouth, then he kissed me all over my neck.

“What if mom wakes up?” I moaned, pushing him away. He took my arm and bit my fingers. “We can be quiet.” He pulled my shirt up and started pinching my soft, pink nipples until they were hard.

“Tell Daddy you want him to suck those perky breasts of yours.” He pinched me super hard.

“Daddy I want you to suck my breasts!” I cried pleading him to stop the pain. He ran his wide, wet tongue over my nipple as he started sucking. He had to cover my mouth and tell me to hush.

Next he stood up and told me to get on my knees. I took his fat, pink cock out and started rubbing it in my hands. His warm juice started dripping out and I licked it off while looking him in the eyes.

“I know you liked that Daddy.” I smiled as he grabbed me by my pigtails and pulled me down until my mouth was at the bottom of his shaft. I gagged on his cock, tears streaming down my face. My pussy was aching so much from pushing out gushy liquid. I ran my fingers between the wet slit between my legs and moaned while Daddy fucked the hole in my face. I rubbed harder and harder on my pink, swollen clit until I finally came. Daddy told me to go on the bed with my legs spread open so he could see my sweet pussy juice drip down the crack into my asshole.

“Mmmh, you came for Daddy. That’s a good girl” He started jerking his cock faster and faster over my small, moist body.

“Tell me I’m a good girl again Daddy.” I started rubbing my clit again, it was driving me crazy.

” Are you going to be a good girl and get pregnant for Daddy?” He started fingering my pussy.

“Ungh, YES DADDY! I want you to get me pregnant!” I yelped.

He rubbed his wide head against the opening of my hole and squirted out all of his tasty cum on my pussy.

Then he kissed me on the forehead and went to bed. I licked the cum off my fingers and went to bed too, with a big smile on my face. I love being Daddy’s little girl.

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