Wanna Cum Super Hard?

Let this naughty (real-life) nurse help you with that. I can always get my patients to cum super hard, every time. 

Your doctor tells you he needs a sperm sample from you to check that you have enough little swimmers. No problem, you think, you jerk off multiple times a day. You get to the doctor’s office and are handed a cup and given some dirty magazines. But, it’s such a sterile environment and you can hear patients and nurses talking in the halls. No matter how hard you try you just can get it up. Luckily, for you, this is a common problem and this naughty nurse is here to help. 

Boner Stage Fright

You decide to give up on this jerk off session and ask to reschedule. As you exit the exam room, I’m standing there waiting. I noticed you were taking longer than usual and helping with boner stage fright is one of my specialties. 

You stand there with your empty cup in hand and eye my petite figure in my little white nurses dress, white stockings, and white heels. Before you can say a word, I place my hand on your chest and push you back into the exam room. “I can help you with that,” I whisper. Now blood rushes to your hot rod and you step back allowing me into the room. I close the door quickly behind me. It time for you to cum super hard!

 Let’s Get Nasty

You have no idea what to expect but the seductive look I’m giving you makes you think things are about to get nasty. Of course, you’re not wrong. 

I burst open my tight dress and buttons go flying. I’m like a wild animal in heat. Underneath my dress is a lacy white bra and you can clearly see my hard nipples poking through. My stockings have garter straps that attach to my lacy white panties. You can see my bare pussy and you suddenly have an insatiable hunger for me. 

You quickly remove your shirt and drop your pants and boxers to your ankles. Your cock isn’t shy anymore! He’s standing at attention and bobbing with delight. I drop to my knees in front of you and suck on the head of your cock with my blood-red lips. I gag as I take you deeper and quicker into my mouth. Your cock is so hard and ready to blow. But, I don’t want this to end so soon. So, I slow down and tease your cockhead with my tongue.

Blast Off!

It doesn’t work, your breathing quickens anyway and I know your cock is about to blast off. First, though, I just need to feel that big cock inside me. So, I lay back on the exam table with my knees back, pull my panties to the side and ask you to dip your stick inside just once then take it out and cum inside the cup. Of course, you agree. 

You enter my tight little pussy nice and slow and we both moan in ecstasy. You feel so damn good! Instead of pulling out after one dip, you can’t stop yourself. I’m too tight to stop at just one. You need a few more pumps but then, you can’t stop. You plow into my slippery twat harder and harder and cum super hard inside me. 

Oops, I guess you’ll need to reschedule after all. But, don’t worry, if you have any boner stage fright again, I’ll be here to help. 


Don’t you love naughty nurses? I’ll make you cum super hard. 

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