I decided to pick up a part-time job at this local sex drug clinical testing center as a naughty nurse.  Being off the last three days and I had no clue what I was about to walk into for my night shift. I was in these really cute light pink scrub pants and this hello kitty scrub top. I was totally expecting a boring shift with horny old men testing some kind of drug. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise.

The day shift nurse had a huge smirk on his face as I came to the nurse’s station. “Ok Sarah, what’s the smirk for?” I asked. “Oh, hunnie you are going to be tortured tonight! This new batch of guys are young and well hung!” I was excited to see just how well hung they were. I started in the first room and was impressed. He had a nice 8-inch cock, and they just kept getting bigger and bigger.

By the time I was to the fourth and last guy my pussy was soaked and throbbing. I went in to do his assessment and I caught him stroking his huge 10-inch cock! I asked him how long he had been that hard cause his cock was an angry purple and the veins looked like they would just burst out. He’s been hard for 8 hours with no relief of masturbation. “Well, I’m going to have to help you out with that. That’s part of my job here at the sex drug clinical testing center!”

This naughty nurse wanted to fuck that huge cock!

They were supposed to record how long erections lasted for, but Sam looked rather uncomfortable. “How bad is it? On a scale of one to ten.” Sam grit his teeth, his whole jaw tensing. “Fucking eleven.” I took a glove from the raised bench at the end of the bed. “I’ll only do this once, Sam, so consider yourself lucky.” “Wait, do what?” Sam stammered.

I peeled back his blankets and the young man grabbed them. “Sam, do you want relief or not?” His grip loosened, and I pulled the blanket down over his crotch. Sam’s cock throbbed hard, rising and falling back to his belly. A long rope of precum stretching down from his tip. The veins in his shaft engorged and twisted, fuelling his hardness and contractions. I bit my bottom lip as I examined. The only thing I could think about was climbing up on the bed and sliding his enhanced length inside my pussy.

I reached out and wrapped my fingers around his girth. Sam inhaled sharply then slapped his hand over his mouth, a groan of pained pleasure slipping out the sides. His other hand seized a handful of the sheet. I squeezed gently, lifting his cock from his belly and pulling down to his base. Sam’s eyes stretched open as his tight foreskin peeled back, gripping his engorged head as it dragged down. Precum beaded at the tip, blooming, then rolling down over my gloved thumb.

I squeezed his cock harder as I slid it up and down his shaft.

Sam slammed his head back against the pillow, his back arching.  I could just imagine it inside me, stretching me with each powerful pulse. This naughty nurse had never seen a reaction like this before. It was so powerful and sudden. And it didn’t seem like any of the other young men had reacted like this. I sped up my stroking, running my palm up to his tip then back down again, feeling each throb as it contracted against my fingers. It was as if it were in a perpetual state of orgasm, at that very edge of ejaculation.

He looked down at himself, watching with wide-eyed horror as I jerked faster. More precum leaked, a steady stream as if his manhood were crying in erotic agony. I was intent on reliving him as quick as possible. Hopefully, the swelling and pain would go down after he came. “Just hold on, Sam…” I took his balls in my other hand and caressed. They were so hard and felt so full.

His hips bucked against my hand as if he were trying to thrust into me. I could only hope that the drug didn’t make him too aggressive. But he seemed more in pain than in pleasure. He began to throb harder. I squeezed and stroked, my hand slapping to his base, then squeezing tight right at his tip. Precum sprayed erratically, his belly glazed and shining. My mouth salivated. He would bust so much faster if I used my lips and tongue.

Sam let out a deep growl, his back arching higher.

Both of his hands tore at the sheets, pulling them from their once tucked state. Then he looked down at my hands wrapped so strongly around him. He glanced into my eyes, his eyebrows warped into a frown of desperation. A large convulsion spread my fingers and a thick rope of semen ejected from his head, slapping across his broad chest. The naughty nurse gasped as he sprayed over and over, completely covering his chest.

His balls twitched in my hands, trying their best to wriggle free. I bit her bottom lip as she watched. I have the biggest fantasy about being ejaculated inside, and to be filled with a load like this? It would be heaven. If only I could just climb on top and let my pussy do the extracting. A small moan passed my lips.

Sam writhed in his orgasm, eyes rolling back, his fingers cracking as he gripped the sheet. His orgasm began to die down, his spurting becoming oozing, tricking down his tip and over my fingers. His cock’s throbbing slowed to a twitch and his balls deflated. I let out a flustered breath, giving his cock a squeeze to get the last of his load out.

I withdrew my hand and licked his cum off my gloved fingers like the naughty nurse and teen cum slut that I am. Want to do a medical role play phone sex? Cause I’m the naughty nurse of your dreams!