I’m not just any nurse I’m a naughty nurse

A doctor, naughty nurse and a patient behind closed doors you already know something hot is going on. Luckily I work for the best doctor he lets me perform physicals and prostate exams because he likes to watch. I knew from the first time he asked me to grab onto a pair of balls that he got off on watching. My first patient of the day entered into the room where I gave him a gown and asked him to undress. A few moments later I came into the room with doctor but the doctor stepped back and asked me to perform the physical for him as he watched. I grabbed my gloves and examined his cock head he had a perfectly nice mushroom head. The doctor closely watched as my hands moved down his long shaft and I made sure to take my time.

I asked the patient to stand and I reached under the gown to grab his balls. “Cough” I tell him as he did I held his balls in my hand squeezing them and cupping them. “Like this doctor?” All the doctor could do was nod. My exam took longer because I was actually enjoying teasing the doctor and patient started getting excited too. I reach for the lube and ask the patient to lean over the table it’s time for a prostate exam. He tells me it’s his favorite exam and while looking at the doctor I whisper in the patients ear “mine too.” I lube my index finger and ask him to take a deep breath as I slowly push my finger inside him. After removing my finger the doctor excused himself and I know he’s off to masturbate.

I would of sent home the patient but then he asked If I could help him with his problem. As I looked down I saw his cock had grown hard because I had teased him. After asking him to lean back over the table I continued where I left off but using two fingers this time. While giving him a prostate massage I made sure to jerk him off with my other hand. It didn’t take long not with the way I do things before my table had a puddle of cum on it. My table is now clean and waiting for the next patient. In the mood for a naughty nurse role play or some anal play? Call me for some kinky phone sex.

Kinky Kelsey