Every year I am searching to find the wildest and craziest party for New Year’s. This year it is a whopper. Some friends were calling me, saying, “We are going to this one!” Once they gave me all the details, I knew this is our Naughty New Year’s Eve! The party is at a wealthy home, a masquerade ball to boot. Erotic fun for all!

It is a black and white ball, so only the most elegant of gowns are being worn. My girlfriends and I are shopping, finding the most beautiful ball gowns. Our guy friends are wearing the sexiest of tuxes. Therefore we are going to be the hottest guests at this party and getting so much sex.

A fantastic Naughty New Year’s Eve is going down!

The event is tonight. We are riding in a limousine, drinking and having fun before the party. We have lots of party supplies and are getting our buzz on as we are heading to the big shindig. Alex is looking very sexy too. He has the nicest cock and I love sucking it. I am waiting for the party though. We are all making out and having fun but waiting for the nasty sex at the party.

It is a huge party. There are tables of exquisite food. Multiple bars serving the very best champagne. The masks we are wearing our so beautiful. Furthermore, I am loving the anonymous atmosphere. We can fuck our neighbor and not know it. Of course, I don’t think any of my neighbors are here. This is one swanky party and I am going to make the most of my naughty new year’s eve.

First, we are enjoying delicious food and drink.

The food is incredible, the alcohol is of the best quality and we are making the most of it. All of us are enjoying people watching. There are so many beautiful people attending this event. I am beyond excited and my pussy is tingling with anticipation. Everyone attending is sexy and I see some very nice bulges in those tuxedos. Time to circulate and mingle, find out who is fuckable.

As I am working my way around the rooms, I see some very interesting people. Some seem exotic and rare. My goal for this naughty new year’s eve is to play with as many strangers as possible. Of course, I want them to be sexy and beautiful. Additionally, they should have huge cocks and tight pussies that I am fucking all night long.

I know I am going to be a tired girl in the morning.

My body and all my sexy tight holes will be sore but it is worth it to party here tonight! Oh, he is sexy, let me say hello. This guy is tall, probably 6’4″ and built well. He has been keeping track of me all night and I the same with him. Soon we are standing next to each other. His eyes are incredible, beautiful bright green eyes. He has light brown hair and a chiseled face. I can’t stop staring.

As I sit down on an elegant couch, he sits down next to me. Of course, we start talking and I am taken by the sexiness of his voice. Before I realize it, I am filling him in about my naughty new year’s eve plans. Smiling, he asks to be on my list of partners tonight. Seriously, dude, you are so fine I am fucking you all night long and adding in others!

We are laughing and enjoying each other as a beautiful woman catches my attention.

My night here will add to the fun of my hot phone sex. Having these experiences to share with my callers is so fun. Within no time, we are relocating to a gorgeous room with the woman. She is voluptuous with wonderful curves. Her eyes are blue and she has blonde hair. The three of us start making out and exploring each other.

Soon, our clothes are off and we are busy learning what we each enjoy. I am not disappointed with his guy dick and her tight pussy. She tastes like a fresh peach and is very juicy. The room we are in becomes our den for the entire night. People come in to play with us and then move on. Oh, the things we try and do to each other. My Femdom Sensual Pegging comes in very handy all night.

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