My plans for a sexy New Year’s Eve were a bit more limited this year with my date falling ill. I found myself flying solo for this year’s visit to the swingers club. I glammed up in my skimpiest dress, garters with stockings and my sexiest stripper stilettos.

Nothing was going to keep this party girl from having a naughty New Year!

By the time I arrived, the music was pumping and champagne was popping all around me. The scene was set for a very naughty New Year night of wild and kinky fun. Scantly clad women and sexy suited men surrounded me ready for a wild night of fun.

As a club regular, familiar faces reminding me of previous encounters were all around me. I danced with old friends and mingled amongst the crowd of new faces there for the New Year’s celebration. Through a sea of people, I spotted a quite attractive yet unfamiliar face. There was no doubt in my mind that this sexy dark stranger was going to be my ticket to some naughty new year fun!

I knew the attraction was mutual and one that was truly intense and powerful.

I got my flirt on as I eyed him from afar, mentally luring him into to my vicinity. After a brief exchange, I knew our attraction was intense and powerful. I gave him a wink and he followed me to the back. Of course the backroom of the club was where all the naughty new year fun would take place.

Surrounded by naked strangers in a dimly lit open space, we started making out. He quickly recognized my desire, as my pussy was dripping in anticipation of some naughty new year fun. By the looks of his profound erection, he was was equally as turned on. His cock was huge  – just the way I like them – and throbbing with excitement.

The sexy stranger grabbed me from behind, as both of us were unable to hold out for a second longer. We were surrounded by people and the smell of sex filled the air. Yet I only had eyes for him and his hard throbbing cock. He lifted me into the air and pushed me against a wall. His huge dick entered my pussy, fitting each other like a glove.

This night was going to full of naughty new year fun!

Hours felt like minutes as our sexcapade unfolded. So much sucking and moaning, and cumming and pleasuring took place that it all became a big blur of new year naughty fun. As the New Year countdown drew closer, we were on our third round of sex with each previous one bringing us each the most extreme orgasmic pleasure.

This new year, I welcomed the new year ahead with a new cock inside of me. After that final climax, we each went your separate ways. I never did get that sexy stranger’s phone number, but I really hope to bump into him again. That was the most intense night of naughty new year fun that I never anticipated and I was secretly glad that my date couldn’t make it out that night.

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