My mom remarried this guy she met at work- I’m his naughty new daughter! 

She called and let me know when I was away at boarding school and it came as quite a shock since I didn’t even know she had started dating again. The divorce from Dad was hard for her. Daddy’s infidelity had led to lots of issues at home but what bothered her the most is not being able to figure out exactly who he was cheating on her with. Of course, I knew exactly who dear ol’ Dad had been shacking up with. Still, some secrets have to say between father and daughter. Maybe your naughty new daughter will spill the beans? 

Mom insisted that I come down for the holidays to meet my new step-daddy. 

I asked if I could bring my bestie home with me as she is here on exchange from Brazil and would be stuck at the school all by herself. Mom, excited to show off her new boy-toy, agreed that no one should be alone for the holidays. We got to packing right away, buzzing about our dorm room. We wondered what he might look like, we don’t even know how old he is! Mom has always had a thing for younger guys- what if he is closer to us than to her? I guess we will find out. 

Next scene – We are in the rental car and I start checking my Instagram story. 

I notice this total silver fox has been watching them and when I go to his profile it turns out that it’s mom’s new hubby! I bet he loves hot phone sex. Oh wow, what a treat my new step-dad is. No wonder Mom has been so smitten with him. I showed my friend his pic & I could tell by the look in her eyes she was down to ruin another marriage with me.  

My new step-dad is conveniently already outside when we pull up & excited to meet his naughty new daughter. 

I practically leap out of the car to give him a great big hug. We chat for a while, my best friend and I keep giving him “the eyes” – Not shockingly at all, he is looking us both up and down. I think it’s really obvious that he was expecting two little brats to show up and not a couple of practically full-grown hotties. We go upstairs to my room to change into bikinis, a perk to being from Miami is getting to swim all year round and flaunt your hot young body. We ask my new daddy if he’d like to join us but he declines. 

“Oh well, Dad”, I said with a sly grin. “We will get to spend some time together later I’m sure.” He smiled back, almost like he knew what was going on behind my big blue eyes. “By the way Dylan, your mom isn’t going to be back for a few days. She wanted you and I to get to know each other over the weekend.” 

How perfect, mom set herself up for this one! Why would you leave a guy like that alone with his naughty new daughter??

My friend and I bounce down to the pool, my step-dad walks out with a tray with drinks on it. “I figured a little nip if you’re being supervised by an adult couldn’t hurt.” Oh hell yes, New Daddy likes to party. We gladly grabbed a glass each. “Say, Dylan, your friend is pretty shy…”, his eyes dancing over her hot, tight, and tanned body. “Oh well, she and my biological Dad are very close. It almost feels like we’re CHEATING on him right now!” 

The next thing I know, we are all in my mother’s bed together. I’m eating my friend’s cunt and his cock is buried deep inside my tiny stretched pussy. That’s when we hear the garage door open and realize that my mom has come home early! 

How do you think Mommy is going to react?

Give me a call so I can tell you the rest! My naughty new daughter phone sex role-play will leave little to the imagination!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke