Naughty neighbor, I see you peeping

Naughty Neighbor I see is watching me as I sun bathe topless on my deck. He loves to stroke his cock while he watches me laid out. Today he is doing things a little different I don’t see him fiercely stroking his cock, naughty neighbor what are you up to today?
I look out over his backyard and there he is walking my way across my fence he jumps and walks right up to me.
Out of nowhere he grabs me and starts to kiss me and it felt so good. His lips were soft but firm and his tongue slid into my mouth and swirled around mine. His hands moved down to my breasts and started massaging my nipples in his hands. MMMM the way his body intertwines in mine is fantastic.
Oh, naughty neighbor the way you are making my body tingle.

He lifts me up and carries me inside and lays me on my couch and removes my clothes and starts to put his big hard cock inside of me I hesitate for a moment.

He notices and pulls out. I feel his hot breath on my skin as he traces along my stomach with his mouth he nibbles as he makes his way down to my blushing pink pussy. And he begins to nibble and suck on my pussy getting it nice and wet I moan out in pleasure.
He now has my pussy aching for him to be inside me so I pull him into me.  I guide his big hard cock inside my tight wet little cunt and again I moan out in pleasure as he begins to fuck me.
O naughty neighbor this is amazing why did you make me wait so long for this.
Want to be my naughty neighbor and cum fuck me?