A naughty neighbor on the prowl

I had just moved into town when the hot sexy guy next door caught my eye. Never had I wanted anything more than to have him on top of me or underneath me. I guess you could say that this naughty neighbor on the prowl is on the hunt. On the hunt for something new for something exciting. A hot night of steamy naughty sex is definitely satisfying. For the next week I did everything I could to get his attention. Sun bathing in the backyard, asking for his help around the house fixing things, wearing slutty clothes around or revealing clothes. I think its time to step it up I know he stays busy during the day but around the afternoon he goes into his room undresses and goes and showers then goes back to his room to dress. I can see his bedroom from my bedroom window.

But I go into my room and wait for him to get out of the shower. And I left my blinds up they were only going to be in my way. I began to undress right in front of my window sliding off my pants with my back facing the window, unbuttoning my shirt a  little so he could get a tease . I was hoping it would make him want to come over and see more, and to my surprise it worked. When I looked back over my shoulder I saw the afternoon light shimmer across my body it couldn’t have been more perfect. I saw him looking at me almost like his mouth was watering, I could almost tell he wanted me just as much as I did him.

Cum to me

Seconds later I hear a knock on my door, I didn’t bother putting on my clothes I answered the door just as he last saw me. When I opened the door he lunged him grabbing me kissing me, pushing me up against the wall. I wrapped my legs around him as he picked me up off the floor and carried me to the couch. He pulled my hair until my head tilted back and kissed and nibbled my neck. This mouth moved down my chest as he unbuttoned my shirt the rest of the way. He slid my shirt down my arms, then threw It on the floor. He unhooks my black bra slides it down my arms and slips my nipples into his mouth licking and sucking them. I sit up and move his head nipple to nipple. Pressing his face harder against my big tits.

Then I feel his hand wandering down my stomach to my tight little pussy and ass. He rubs my pussy and my ass then slides his mouth down my stomach to my pussy. Wanna know what happened next call me find out. Does naughty neighbor on the prowl phone sex turn you on? Call me.

Did you think this was over, nope. Naughty neighbor wants more.

Naughty Kelsey