Naughty Neighbor: Shhhh… Your Wife Isn’t Looking

I love being your naughty neighbor.  I can feel your eyes watching me as I sunbathe by my pool, dripping wet, and oh soo horny.  Your eyes burn my skin as I take off my bikini and bend over so you can see my pussy glisten in the sunlight.  You watch me massage baby oil all over my silky body and start to think – “I need to invite her to the BBQ later so I can see that hard nipple up close.”

Please let me be your naughty neighbor!  I’ve been a bad bad girl.  I know when you are watching and I tease you on purpose.  You masturbate when your wife isn’t home as you watch me through your window.

When I come over, I ask for your help in the kitchen.  I brought over my famous cherry pie.  You join me in the kitchen and show me where the whipped cream is to top my pie.  Accidentally, some fall on to my swollen tits.  Oh please help me get this whipped cream off my tits!

You can’t control yourself any longer, you are about to cream your pants!  I bend over on the counter and lift up my little jean skirt, pulling my panties to the side and playing with my clit.  Your cock is throbbing for my tight young pussy.

Don’t worry, your wife is drunk outside and she isn’t watching!

I am such a naughty neighbor, please fuck me with your hard pulsating cock!  Oh yes yes!  Fuck me!  Fuck me with your throbbing dick!  I want to feel you stretch my pussy and then fill me with your cum!

You better invite me to your next BBQ sexy.  In return, maybe I will bring my toys to my pool next time I see you watching me sunbathe.  Maybe you should come over next time and catch me in the act 😉  It can be our secret!

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