I just had awesome sex with my hot naughty neighbor .  I have just been dying to share it with someone, why not my naughty phone sex blog friends. All morning I had one sexy phone sex call after the other, which sends this little pussy into a wet frenzy.  I have been basically been walking around in a daze and without thinking.  I walked out of the apartment to go check the mail, but before even remembered to make sure I have my key the automatic locking door shut behind me. 

It wasn’t until returning to the apartment, I realize that I am locked out of my own damn house. So here I am stranded on the outside of my apartment and I don’t even have my phone with me.  I look at my watch 2 minutes til 5.  I hurried to run downstairs to the office, I know they close at 5pm and I wanted to make sure I caught someone.  When I got there the door was locked, it was dark and no one was there.  I walked back to the steps in front of my apartment to wait. So there I was sitting on the stairs hoping that one of my roommates would come home soon and rescue me from the steps of our apartment.  That’s when my neighbor Alex appeared, he lives in the same building.

I have seen him several times at the gym and the pool, but he is always with his wife. Luckily today he happened to be alone. He spoke and so did I. He asks me why I am sitting on the stairs and I explain that I am locked out.  He was so sweet and concerned he whipped out his cell phone and calls the office emergency number and leaves a message to call him immediately.

Feeling sorry for me, he invites me to his apartment to wait for the call from the office. He opens the door to his apartment, which was gorgeous. After chatting I found out that this was their vacation Condo, but he was here without his wife this time because he was handling some business in the area. He offers me a drink while we were getting to know each other.  I told him that I am a sexy phone sex girl; he was surprised, curious and intrigued. He asked lots of questions and so I could tell he was really turned on and longing to fuck me.

In mid conversation his phone rings, it was the office emergency contact. She informed us that the maintenance guy on duty had an emergency, but they should be available to let me in to the apartment in 2-3 hours. Alex puts his hand on my thigh to explain the info he received, his hand on my thigh was such a turn on too. While he finished the conversation, I run my fingers along the front of his pants to feel his cock, which was hard already. I undid it pants, pulled out his cock and began to suck it. He tells the office emergency contact that that will be fine and I will be at his place and quickly ended the call.  He began to fuck my face in a steady rhythm while moaning.

I pulled his cock from my throat, I needed my naughty neighbor inside of my cunt.   I climbed on top of him guiding his hard cock into my wet middle and began to ride him.  My tight pussy gliding up and down on that fat dick of your until he unload his sweet cum in my warm hole.  Come be my naughty neighbor phone sex partner.   I promise to give you everything you need to make your orgasm the best.  For the hottest role play phone sex call me let’s let our imagination run wild.

Mallory  1-877-729-7626

Mallory 1-877-729-7626