naughty neighbor

What is it like to have me as a naughty neighbor? As a mature woman at my sexual peak and a phone sex operator, sex is always on my mind. So this is another MILF Sex Story.

When I get a new neighbor, I like to introduce myself in a memorable way. And be the perfect southern lady, all sweet, accommodating and generous. So, one night about a week after David had settled in, I put on a show for him to watch through his kitchen window.

I have my mirrors angled just right to afford him a view of my four-poster bed. To see if he would become a playmate.

I brought that night’s lover PJ to my bedroom. I had already lost the dress and was wearing only a pair of white lace panties and a bra.

One of my breasts was poking out the top of the fabric. And PJ was already naked from the waist down. From the angle of his erection, David could tell he’d been receiving some attention. And PJ followed eagerly as she pulled him along.

I could see David watching in the mirror as I sat PJ down on the edge of the bed and knelt beside him. David could see my lips wrap around the crown of PJ’s cock and David watched as PJ’s eyes closed and his mouth opened with pleasure.

I was kneeling so that David could see a profile of my body, my perky breasts still encased in the fabric of my bra. My long dark hair fell across his thighs but I brushed it back so David could see my mouth working.

I extended my tongue and licked up and down his shaft. A milky drop of cum already beading on the hole of his cock. David watched as I deftly licked it clean.

I controlled the action.

 Arranging our bodies so David could get the best view. I reach under him to squeeze his balls as I wrapped my mouth around his shaft. And began pumping my head up and down its length.

PJ’s hands roaming across my back and squeezing my tits until he finally managed to pop the clasp on my bra. Setting them free.

I turned, lifting my arms to allow the straps to be pulled up and over my head. And offering David a full-frontal view of my firm and pointy breasts. I stretched lazily and turned back to the cock I was working on.

Then I bent back down to take his straining rod in my mouth and busied myself with deep sucking strokes. I could tell he was close to coming from the motions of his hips as he thrust up to meet each downward stab of my mouth.

naughty neighbor
naughty neighbor

His hips thrusting in rhythm with my deep throat lunges. My mouth a piston on his shaft and I heard him call out as his body shuddered.

When he came, I pulled my mouth away and held his dick like a nozzle. Splashing his load on my face and across my breasts.

I caught a few jets of spunk with my mouth. While the rest of it smeared my cheeks and ran down my neck. I watched each pulse arc out of the end of his cock. And then looking directly at David. Our eyes caught in the mirror.

I knew he was watching us.

 For his benefit, I made a show of licking the traces of semen from around my mouth as I massaged the drops that had spilt on my breasts into my skin.

I pushed him down on his back with his head nearest this end of the bed. Still kneeling beside him, I positioned my breasts above his mouth and lowered one to his lips.

His tongue swirled around my nipple and sucked it into his mouth.  I pulled out and I could see a trail of saliva stretching between us until I lowered the other breast onto his face.

I pulled off my panties and straddled his face. My small tight ass pointing directly at David. I wiggled it suggestively as I doubled over and lowered myself onto his face.

Smiling staring in the mirror I made sure David could see the folds of my pussy spread open. And the beads of moisture that collected on my tender flesh.

I curved my spine upwards as I rocked back and forth across the tongue that was scraping my clit. And his tongue darting up between my lips to poke at my opening.

Hoping David could hear my cries coming from the across the way. My soft delicate cries of pleasure

I spun around and knelt straight up so David could have a frontal view of my body as PJ continued his tonguing. Then as I rode his face and arched my back while my hands roamed across my own body.

I stroked and squeezed my breasts together and ran my hands up my neck to play with my hair. My eyes almost completely closed I watched David watching us. Hoping

David could see PJ’s tongue drilling my hole.

 But when he brought his thumb around to rub at my clit, I brushed it away and replaced it with my own.

My whole hand vibrated on my pussy. And I held myself up with the other as she bounced on his stiffened tongue.

David watched my face, my mouth open and eyes closed, shaking my head and clenching my teeth as I came. I shook violently as her orgasm overtook her, shouting out as waves of pleasure washed over her.

As I wound down, I looked directly at the mirror, held my hand in front of my face and waggled my index finger in the universal signal of,

“Come join us.”

Smiling I took the finger into my mouth and fed on it into the knuckle, pulled it out slowly, licked delicately at the tip and signaled David again. I saw him rush away from the kitchen window.

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naughty neighbor
naughty neighbor

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