Naughty Neighbor

I’m the Naughty Neighbor that all the young people in the neighborhood recognize. Many of them call me Miss Genie.  Also I hear them whispering behind my back about my shapely figure especially my big tits. I can hear them say how much they want to come to my house and do kinky things with me.  I have small parties and invite these horny college students to my bedroom where I have all sorts of toys for those that want to get down and dirty with me. Some of these young girls are bigger whores than I was when I was their age.

I give them wine to drink and a joint to smoke and these girls get down on all fours like little dogs and suck the boy’s cocks while I stroke my pussy lips. Woo..hoo. It makes my nipples hard to see these young bitches. Then I have to step in and show them how to take control of these young cocks. After a gets sucked….he needs to fuck. That’s when the Naughty Neighbor steps in and let them boys with their hard-ons run a gangbang on me because my pussy stays wet and I can take on all those hard cocks.

My pussy squirts out sticky juice on those dicks.

And when I’m filled up with the cum of ten young studs I call those young bitches to crawl over and lick and suck their cum out of my pussy and my ass. Once our playtime is over I give them all a few bucks of cash so when they go home the can lie to their parents saying that they helped Miss Genie clean out her closet as a little part-time job. I’m so naughty. I know. Do you want to cum over and clean my pussy?


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