Who doesn’t love a little age play fantasy?

I loved this about Danny. He was always very contrite in his fantasies and our playtime. When he told me what our upcoming age play Phone Sex fantasy would consist of, my panties moistened with excitement and delight.

I did as instructed. Danny had forewarned me what he expected of me, in our age play fantasy. Danny was always coming up with these out of this world sexual romps. I knew when I was with him, it was going to be a wild time.

I dressed to his dictation. My Hair was in high pig tails, parted in the middle and curled at the ends, a full heavy bang. I wore a lite pink t-shirt, and pleated white skirt. Danny also wasn’t afraid to share his love for stockings, he chose a white fish net and also wanted me to pair pink and white ruffled socks, and of course my black patent leather Mary Jane wedges. Underneath however, I was to wear white cotton low-rise panties, and some sort of training bra.

I had every piece of clothing with one exception. The Training Bra. I am a full breasted girl, 34 c almost a D. The closest thing I had to a training bra, was a sports bra, and I knew for our fantasy this bra looked just too grown up.

I was standing at the front door of Danny’s beautiful 2 story house. A bright red cherry sucker in my mouth, as directed. Danny opened the door.

I shifted my feet, holding my hands behind my back, and coming up to my tippy toes. “I’m sorry mister, my mom has left for work already and I missed the bus, is there any way I can come in and call my mom so she can come back and take me to school” I twisted nervously on the front stoop.

I felt myself getting so excited, I am very turned on by age play. My Nipples began to stiffen under the cover of my pink cotton tee. Danny’s eyes focused in on my tits. ” Please come in ahhh, what’s your name sweetheart?” his tongue ran over his lips like a hungry dog staring at a t-bone. I loved when he looked at me like this. Those cotton panties I was donning, were marinating in my juices with each word we uttered.

I followed him inside. He slammed and locked the door behind me. “ANNA!” I shouted out, the slam of the door had jarred me.

“Well, Miss Anna. It seems that you didn’t follow my directions concerning our age play fantasy. Your nipples are telling on you…” He said through a steady hiss.

” I’m so sorry Mister, I’m a bit developed for a training bra, I hope you can forgive me” I said, giving the sweetest doe eyed look I could muster.

Danny sat down in his chair, his throne. It was a very intimidating piece of furniture. High backed, with deep burgundy leather upholstery, and thick wooden clawed feet. The arms were dull and hardwood.

I knew what that chair meant. Whenever he sat in that chair, I was to be spanked, HARD. Usually for misbehaving, or being mouthy , but never this early.

…. And this time He was holding a belt.

I could tell this was going to be an age play fantasy, like I had never experienced before. This may be even better when he wanted me and my best friend to be his naughty daughters. I’ve always been a daddies girl.

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