Naughty Mutual Masturbation with my BFF’s Boyfriend

Naughty Mutual masturbation with my BFF’s Boyfriend.  Is that bad? My friend Emily invited me over to hang out. We are in the same art history class in art school so we thought we would work on our papers at her place and Emily said that she would make dinner!

I headed over there around 5 PM. When I got to her place, I was surprised that her boyfriend was there. He told me that Emily was delayed at work. He invited me in and offered me a beer.

“I know you guys had plans to work on your papers. You can use the table if you want to get started. Don’t mind me & Emily will be back soon.” he said.

I went ahead and got out my research notes and my books. I could see Jim from the corner of my eye on the couch watching TV. So I was pretty stressed about the research paper I had to write. It was a huge part of my quarterly grade. I was so focused on my work that it took me a while to look over at Jim.

He was intently watching something on TV. Then I noticed his hand was down his pants. I walked over to the couch. “What are you watching?” I asked. ” Oh Fuck Sara. Sorry. I forgot you were here.” He was embarrassed as he pulled his hand out and tried to turn the channel.

“It’s ok, I love porn and I could really use some stress relief too!” I said.

I sat on the couch next to him. The video was about a dirty slut taking two cocks. I put my hand on my panties. I looked over at Jim and smiled. He went back to rubbing his hard cock. I exposed my pink pussy to him and I watched him slide his hand up and down his huge cock.

We sat side by side jerking ourselves off till we both came. Emily texted that she was on or way home so we cleaned up and started making dinner.  We were both happy and relaxed when she came through the door. Mutual masturbation is not cheating, right?

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