Naughty Mommy Gets Caught Watching Her Son Jerking Off

Your Naughty Mommy is watching you through the peephole next to your bedroom. I slid my hand down my panties and started to finger my clit as I peered at my teenage son. His cock was so huge. He dipped his hand into the Vaseline jar and smeared it on his huge thick cock and slathered his long dong until it was greasy and shiny. He stroked it slow and easy up and down and my pussy got wetter and stickier. I kept staring at him stroking his cock through the peephole. As he moaned, I moaned. He must have heard me because he looked right at the hole in the wall.

Oops! He must know that I’m watching him now because he is staring right into my eyes. I can’t turn away and he can’t stop stroking. I think he is even more turned on knowing that I’m the one watching him. He is not embarrassed.   “Mommy, is that you?”, he whispers. I whisper back, “Yes baby it’s me.” He started stroking it faster and harder. “Mommy, come to me. I want you.” I walked into his room stripping off my clothes and pinching my nipples.

I’m such a Naughty Mommy.

I came to his bed and crawled in. I put my hand on his big hard cock and stroked it as I kissed him passionately. “Mommy, I want to fuck you so bad.” I laid on my back and spread my legs as far as I could and said, “Fuck me, Fuck me hard, son.” He spread my legs wider and wrapped my thighs around his waist and shoved his big thick cock deep inside mommy’s pussy. “Fuck me, baby. Oh yes, Fuck mommy good.”

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