Naughty mommy Roxy has kinky things running through her head.

Naughty mommy Roxy is ready to turn up the heat.  Oh, what a long week it’s been! And now I’m sitting here thinking what a lonely weekend it could be if you weren’t going to be around for me to seduce.  Your dad has been away for almost two weeks, and he knows when he leaves this naughty mommy alone for too long kinky things are bound to happen.  And he knows what’s running through my mind when you walk into the kitchen after football practice.  Your shirt off, that glistening skin covering those taut muscles you have.

mmmm. I’m going to have so much fun taking advantage of you this weekend. And it won’t be for just one round, oh no, mommy is going to work you over and it will be a weekend you’ll never forget! But don’t worry son, mommy does this all the time to other hot young studs, but now it’s time to slip into some family fun. It will be the best phone sex seduction with my son I’ve ever done.


I purposely left my door open in my bedroom so you’d hear the moaning sounds coming from within.

That toy was buried so deep in my honey pot. I knew there is no way you couldn’t hear me. Closing my eyes thinking of you walking through the door, taking one look at my half-naked body, breasts spilling over the top and you’d be speechless and turned on at the same time. And then it happened, I heard the door open and your voice asking if I was OK. I turned to overexpose myself to you and motioned you to come closer. I told you to sit on the side of the bed, while I grabbed your hand and made you touch my leg. Sliding it all the way up underneath my nightie to those satin panties just waiting to be pushed over and your fingers slipping inside.

Once you knew what I wanted, you didn’t stop. ‘Your naughty mommy, I love it!’. Laying on top of me, letting our lips melt together, and then I felt your body moving in motion with mine.  You had that sudden look of panic come across your face but I assured you this wasn’t wrong. How could something that feels so good and excites you so much be wrong?  And your cock feels so much better than your fathers does when he makes love to me.  I knew you would always be better than him baby, and that’s why all I want now is YOU!

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