Thanksgiving is a lot more fun when you role play with The Queen, your naughty mommy.

She takes this awesome holiday to the next level. Football, beer, lots and lots of food and the sweet scent of her pussy in the air. Let’s do Thanksgiving all over again, but let’s do it RIGHT! Naughty mommy wants to make this holiday season really special.

She’s been cooking all day, working up a sweat over the stove which makes her SO HORNY. All that she can think about is a fat cock being pushed into her tight pussy while she stirs the mashed potatoes. Mommy is such a slut and daddy hasn’t been able to satisfy her in such a long time. She can’t help herself but to look at you and lick her lips.

When daddy’s not looking, she wiggles her sweet little ass at you as you walk by. She tastes some gravy from her finger, sensually using her tongue to clean it all up. She offers you a taste, “try my mashed potatoes,” she says as she offers you a lump from her finger tip. Don’t be rude honey, lick it all up for mommy.

Hers tastes the best, you’ll cum back for seconds, thirds and even fourths. Hell, you’ll spend the rest of the year BEGGING for it.

Make sure to get a seat next to mom, she loves watching you enjoy her food. She wants to hear you moan with pleasure so much that she can’t help herself but to reach over and place her hand on your leg… sliding it up your inner thigh as she nonchalantly makes conversation with the family. Dad is sitting on the other side of her and he has no idea that mommy is tracing her fingers over your cock

What would happen next at our families Thanksgiving dinner?

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