Last Friday night was a game-changer in our household.  It started around 4:30 in the afternoon. I was at the Kitchen sink, looking out the window when my son pulled into the driveway from volleyball practice.  I watched him get out of the car and as the sunlight passed over his body, it hit me, for the first time, that my son had grown into a  very attractive young man.  I noticed his tan and his chiseled legs honed, on the Miami beach volleyball courts.  As he grabbed his workout bag, I noticed his broad shoulders and that from there, his body tapered into a perfect V. Those arms!

He walked into the house and when he walked towards me, I felt heat between my legs, and I could definitely feel my cheeks get red. 

As he walked towards me, his eyes scanned my body.  Most men look at my perfect tits and the rest look at my juicy Latin ass. Latina GFE Phone Sex  is what most men crave after all But his eyes came to rest right on my pelvis where my leggings showed the outline of my fat, fleshy pussy.  He dropped his bag and walked towards me.  As he leaned in to hug me, I felt a thick hard cock press into my camel toe.  He was still covered in sweat and he smelled very manly.  I think hot sweaty men are hot.  After a minute of pressing himself against me, he pulled away and headed upstairs for a shower.  Once he left, I jammed my hand under my leggings and rubbed my damp, watery pussy until I came.

Just as I pulled my fingers out of my wet pussy, I heard the screen door open, and in walked my husband. He had gone for a run and he walked into the house in a pair of skimpy running shorts and nothing else.  I never realized how much he and my son resembled each other.  The only real difference was that my husband has a lot of chest hair and my son is smooth.  He walked towards me and I stuck my slippery cunt-soaked fingers in his mouth.  In one fluid motion, he picked me up, set me on the  counter, and fucked me.  Just as he finished filling me with cum, I heard my son coming down the stairs.  He had a naughty smile on his face.  He was wearing a tee-shirt and a tight pair of Calvin Klein boxers.  My husband nodded, gave him a nudge, and went upstairs to shower.  When he came downstairs, he was dressed the same way – Calvin Klein boxers and a tee shirt.

I could barely eat during dinner.  The kitchen was filled with sexual tension and I kept slipping my hand under the table to rub myself.  My son and husband seemed very amused, as they kept glancing each other. After dinner, my son did his homework, my husband went into his office and I went into the bedroom and fucked myself with multiple toys.  Later that night my husband and I were fucking.  It was sweaty, hard nasty fucking.  I heard the door opened and in walked my son.

My husband looked up and then kept fucking me.

I was in disbelief.  My son walked over and kneeled down next to the bed. He watched us fuck and then he leaned forward and started licking my clit while my husband was fucking me. I could not believe that his tongue was running over both my clit and my husbands’ huge cock.  My husband just kept pounding until I squirted, and he let loads of sperm loose in my cunt.  Eventually, he pulled out and I watched in awe as my son took his dad’s cock in my mouth and milked the remaining sperm out of it.  Then my son began to eat my cum filled pussy.  I shuddered and moaned and filled my son’s mouth with cum as he sucked.  You will have to wait until the next installment to learn what happened next. Book your call today with my hot Phone Sex Chat.