Nothing gets me off like the sensation of a woman’s lips pressed against my own. I remember so vividly the night I had my first time lesbian squirting experience and the sweet aroma that lingered on my tongue for days. Her name was Alexis, a sexy little Italian vixen with sweet golden-tanned skin, long thick black hair, supple lips, and thick thighs that would have your dick drooling with precum. She was a true party girl and loved to get wild.

All the girls were getting ready that night to have a hell of a good time, we were in Vegas for a bachelorette party after all. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as we were approaching the club entrance, and well she noticed my mild glances which probably led her to grab my hand and walk with her as we passed the red velvet ropes inside. Once inside it was a complete madhouse, sitting right behind our favorite resident DJ, champagne is flowing, glasses are clinking and gorgeous woman were dancing, I was getting wet just smelling the amount of lust and desire that room was filled with.

As I had just swallowed my last drop of “Dom” I remember Alexis grabbing me and pulling me up to her, as she started placing her hands on my hips to have my body mirror her sensual moves I felt my pussy getting moist with excitement. Her curves and the way she moved was undoubtedly the sexiest thing I have ever laid eyes on. She leaned in closer behind me and brushed my long blonde hair to the other side as she started to press her lips against my neck, kissing my shoulder and letting her tongue find its way back to my throat.

Alexis then whispered into my ear “Follow me” and without hesitation, I did.

She took my hand and led me down a long-cemented alleyway still inside the club, I had no idea where she was taking me, but I didn’t care my mind was completely fogged by all the champagne I had been sipping throughout the night. Alexis noticed an open door that appeared to be the sound room that was linked to the club and pulled me inside. She forcefully pushed me up against a speaker that was trembling with heavy bass as she started to part my lips with her tongue and start making out with me, “my god” I moaned. It felt so good, I then felt her hands make their way to my neck and slowly creep down my collarbone as she peeled my dress’s strap off my shoulder.

She lowered her hand and cupped my breasts, as she started playing with my nipple, I could already feel my juices leaking from my panties, she knew exactly what she was doing. With my eyes barely closed just submerging myself into this decadent pleasure that was coursing through my body, I felt her head lower and the sensation of her wet tongue on my nipple was intoxicating. She slowly started to move her hand down the side of my dress and peek her fingers through my slit, her fingers felt amazing brushing against my inner thighs as they slowly tickled their way to my warm pussy.

I didn’t imagine it will lead to my first time lesbian squirting.

I gasped out of pure pleasure as I felt her fingers rub against my clit, she then took them out of my pussy and put them in my mouth, and told me she wanted me to taste them. Then, I sucked her fingers uncontrollably, and she giggled and told me to sit on top of the speaker. She approached me and started to pull my dress above my thighs pulled my panties to the side and started kissing my pussy so seductively while watching me arch my back and flip my hair, I couldn’t take my eyes off her she was so fucking delicious.

With her tongue deep inside my tight pink pussy I felt my body start to shake uncontrollably, she put two fingers inside me and started sucking on my clit. I grabbed my breasts and started playing with my nipples as I heard her moan while eating my pussy, moaning with every single stroke of her finger thrusting In and out of my tight hole.

I was about to cum and I couldn’t stop it, she did not remove her lips from my cunt and it only intensified the feeling. “Oh my god, I’m cumming” I yelled, “I’m cumming” I squirted all my juices in her pretty little face, and she sat there with an open mouth just savoring all my essence. My first time lesbian squirting was mind-blowing. My god was she delectable, I looked down at her face just dripping from all my sweet nectar, and helped her out as my tongue graced her face while licking off the mess I just made. Wouldn’t you love to know exactly how I had my way with her after my first time lesbian squirting?

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