Do You Have a Naughty Medical Fetish?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Come and make an appointment with this slutty nurse. As many of you know, I am an experienced Registered Nurse, and today, I am prepared to give you the dirtiest exam of your life. What a surprise to see me enter your exam room. My white scrubs hug my tight little body and you are instantly turned on by my come-fuck-me eyes. If you didn’t know before that you had a naughty medical fetish, then you do now. 

I sit down and ask you all the standard medical questions but you can’t help but notice my eyes keep looking you up and down as I subtly lick my lips. You wonder if I’m really getting turned on or if it’s just wishful thinking. Suddenly, you become very aware of the closed, locked door and how no one will come and interrupt your exam. You realize how much fun can be had in the privacy of this exam room. You’re hoping that you’re not imagining my signals. Luckily for you, I’m the sluttiest nurse you will ever have. Your naughty medical fetish is about to come true. 

Let’s Examine You… Everywhere

I stand and ask you to lay down on the examination table so I can do an evaluation of your body. You think, doesn’t the doctor typically do this? But, you don’t want to resist my requests and obediently lay back. I run my hands down your chest, asking if you have pain anywhere. “No”, you respond and notice you’re a little short of breath. As my hands slowly run down your body, your heart is beating faster and your cock is starting to get stiff. 

When I get to your crotch you are shocked when I actually place my hand right on your stiffy. You can’t believe your naughty medical fetish seems to actually be happening. I start rubbing on you through your pants, then lean down to kiss you deeply. Then, I slowly unzip your pants releasing your now rock hard cock. “I have to exam your penis and make sure it is working properly, is that ok?” I ask you. Of course, you nod your head quickly, unable to speak. I waste no time wrapping my lips around your cock and taking it deep down my throat while massaging your balls. I tease the tip of your pulsing cock with my tongue. You get even harder, you can’t believe this is happening.

I finally come up for air and tell you it’s time for your prostate exam. “I prefer you to be completely nude while I perform this procedure”, I tell you and help you undress. At this point, there is no way you would deny any of my requests. You lean over the examination table and eagerly put your ass in the air, ready for my fingers to penetrate you. You dirty boy!

Your Ass is Ready for a Prostate Exam

I snap on latex gloves and the anticipation is killing you as I squeeze some lube on my fingers and tell you to relax. I place one hand on your back to keep you still, then I enter your asshole slowly at first. You begin moaning so I start fingering your hole in and out a little more roughly. You love it and push your ass into my fingers, wanting it deeper and faster. I give you what you want, then I reach around to your rock hard cock and start stroking it firmly.

I continue pleasuring you from both ends until I can tell you are close to cumming. Finally, I apply pressure to your prostate and firmly massage it in a circular motion. The feeling is so intense you can’t help but cry out then immediately cum in my hand. I remove the gloves with your mess all over them and throw them in the trash. “It looks like your ass and cock are in good working order”, I tell you as you still stand there nude and in complete shock. 

“Be sure to schedule your next appointment”, I smile, “maybe next time I’ll give you a sexy seductive striptease and you can examine me.” 


    Do you have a naughty medical fetish?

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