Naughty Little Sister Adriana Won’t Let Her Brother Forget About Her!

Y’all know I’m dirty, so obviously I am the naughty little sister every brother wants to have. You see my brother’s and mines relationship has been a little complicated lately. He moved away from home and I barely see him. I guess he has also forgotten about me now that he has a new girlfriend. The last time I saw him he was so cold with me I needed to get back at him, but how?

Last night I was hanging out with my fuck buddy when I had a great idea to make my brother a little jealous. REVENGE PORN! What if I was to send him a video of myself sucking cock. Maybe then I can make him want me again. So without even thinking it twice I grabbed my phone and let my fuck buddy record me sucking his big thick cock. For a moment there I forgot I was being recorded and got so into it I started playing with my pussy while slobber dripped down my tits. As soon as he came in my mouth I winked directly at the camera and sent that video to my brother.

To my surprise, he left me on seen. Who does that? All night I thought about him texting me back and saying something, I even had dreams about it. SO WEIRD! This morning I woke up by someone ringing my doorbell. I didn’t want to get up but they just kept on ringing it. When I opened the door, there he was. My brother had come home to see me. He asked if I was alone and I said yes. Right there in the living room he put me on my knees and pulled out his cock. He said that I was only his and face fucked me till he came on my face.

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