A very naughty little sissy boi needs a good punishment

Your mommy needs you to be a good little sissy boi for her. You’ve been a very bad sissy for me and now I have to punish you for your actions. I go to the closet where I keep all my favorite toys and pull out a large butt plug. Laying you down on the dungeon style table I roll you over onto your tummy and tell you to behave. After a few moments and with no warning I roughly push the butt plug up your sweet tiny little ass. It fits just perfectly and stretched that tiny little hole really far open.

You cry out and ask me to take it out. I pull the plug almost all the way out ant then thrust it back into your ass. After a few minutes of doing this, you start to moan and tell me that you “wee wee” is hard. I keep thrusting the butt plug in and out and you moan loudly in pleasure. Since I am supposed to be punishing you I take the plug out and roll you onto your back.

You look at me in frustration and fear for what is next.

Looking thru my toys I decide on a huge black cock strap on and put it on. I walk over to you and you tell me that the BBC that I have strapped on is way to big for my sweet little boy. I laugh loudly and start to play with your nipples. Pinching and pulling on them you cry out in pain. It is then that I take the big black cock and shove it up your ass.  Crying you tell me to stop that you’ll be a good little sissy boi for me. I just continue fucking your ass and making you cry. Shortly after I start screwing you your cock starts to get real hard. Hmmm..what do you think?? Should I or shouldn’t I let my baby boi cum??

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